3 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Clothes Dryer

Thank goodness for dryers. It has made millions of households and business owners’ lives more convenient. You can toss wet clothes inside the dryer, press a button, wait for 30 minutes to an hour, and voila! You have freshly-dried clothes. Do you want your dryer to work its best for you for a longer time? Make sure to clean it regularly and have it repaired by a professional plumbing service as needed. 

Why should you clean your dryer regularly?

The straightforward answer is to help clothes dry faster and prevent potential accidents and damage to your home. The US Fire Administration reports more than 2,500 house fires annually because of a poorly-maintained dryer. That is why it is important to maintain your clothes dryer regularly, including the drum, vent, and exterior. 

Remove lint stuck in your dryer 

Just when you think dryer lint is harmless, you are wrong. Lints it builds up inside the dryer for a long time could lead to fires and other unwanted accidents. If you see lints in your dryer, don’t ignore them and continue collecting them; instead, clean them immediately. 

Faster drying time

A clogged lint filter will also slow drying time, which means more electricity consumed and high electric bills. There is also a chance that your clothes won’t dry completely, which could be inconvenient, to say the least. So if you want to make your drying time faster and more efficient, clean your dryer filter. 

Increases lifespan

More importantly, cleaning your dryer regularly also increases lifespan. An average dryer lasts up to 11 years or even more if you take care of it quite well. If you want your dryer working its magic for you for a long time, make sure to maintain your dryer regularly. 

Tips on cleaning your dryer 

Here are the steps to keep your dryer lint-free and can last for many more years: 

  • Clean the lint screen or filter after drying clothes. Use a brush and used fabric softener sheet to wipe the screen and pick up the remaining lint. Remove the leftover lint in the lint trap as well. 
  • Clean the dryer’s vent hose and pipe once a year. You can DIY using a cleaning kit or hire a professional to help you. 
  • Check if stuck items are inside the dryer drum and remove them immediately. You might have to use a plastic spatula, a clean cloth, bleach, or rubbing alcohol to remove the stains (depending on the stain). Repeat the cleaning process as needed. 
  • Clean the dryer exterior as well every 1 or 2 weeks to get rid of all sorts of buildup. Wipe the dryer with soapy water, remove the soapy water residue with a clean, wet cloth, and then wipe dry for a clean, satisfying finish. 
  • You might have to hire a professional plumbing service in Columbia, TN for any necessary repairs. Contact one today and have your pipes and drain problems fixed by pros!


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