3 Reasons Why Your Sump Pump is Not Working Properly

Most homes have sump pumps, which are useful against water damage in your basement. That is why it is important to check them regularly and keep them in working condition. It is also best to contact a professional plumber for your plumbing repair needs. 

What does a sump pump do? 

Sump pumps get rid of water out of your basement. The basin, a constructed pit carved below the basement floor surface, holds the sump pump with valves that sense high water pressure. Once the water pressure levels get too high, it automatically pumps out the excess water from the basement and your home using a discharge line called effluent, which connects the sump pump to a drainage area. 

There are different types of sump pumps, and these are: 

  • Submersible sump pumps
  • Pedestal sump pumps
  • Water-powered backup sump pump
  • Battery-operated backup sump pump

Common sump pump problems 

A sump pump problem could spell disaster for your home. You might not know there is something wrong with it until it is too late. Ensure to check these common sump pump problems and what to do with them if you notice problems with your sump pump. Without further ado, here are common sump pump problems that should be addressed ASAP: 

The sump pump is clogged up 

Lidless sump pumps tend to accumulate dirt over time, leading to clogs. As a result, it can affect the pump’s performance and waste your money on sudden repairs. It would help if your sump pump system were checked and cleaned out regularly. Nevertheless, you should contact a professional plumber to help you with major sump pump problems. 

The sump pump is overused. 

Not all sump pumps are the same. Plastic sump pumps tend to burn out faster, but even higher-quality pumps can sometimes not handle the high volume of water. If the sump pump seems overworked, it is better to have a battery-powered backup pump ready. 

The sump pump is incorrectly installed. 

Sump pumps are a big deal because they will prevent basement flooding and water damage. It would help to let professionals deal with installations, including sump pump installation. It would help if you did not let inexperienced personnel handle your sump pump installation or risk your home potential damage due to improper installation. 

What sump pump should you use? 

Choosing the right sump pump should be considered carefully because your family and your home’s family are at stake here. For one, choose a sump pump with enough horsepower to manage water pressure levels better. It may also cost as much as $1000 depending on flow rate and horsepower and whether used for residential or commercial purposes. 

Safe to say, sump pumps are a must, especially in flood-prone homes. We all know how floods and moisture can cause damage to your home and health problems. If you need help with installing the sump pump or replacing it with a new one, it is better to hire a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, today!


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