3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

What is a bathroom without a toilet? It is an important part of your daily routine. That is why you should pay attention to it if you notice any problems such as leaks and broken parts that need to be replaced immediately. Hiring a professional plumber to address your pipe and drain issues is also better. 

When is it time to replace a toilet? 

Installing a new toilet may be the best choice to address your old, broken toilet. But sometimes, you have to think of less expensive alternatives such as repairing the broken parts if possible. Still, it depends on the extent of the damage whether to repair or replace it. 

The key is to know when to replace or repair the toilet. There are important instances where you should know it’s time to do something with your old bathroom without considering aesthetic issues. Here are common toilet problems and what you should do with each case. 

Frequent clogs 

Do you often use a plunger to de-clog your toilet more than once a week? Is your toilet not filling up properly after flushing? If you experience the latter, it could be because you have an older toilet model which may require more than one flush with every use. You would not also want to use a plunger all the time. If these are causing your stress these days, it is the right time to replace your toilet. 

Signs of scratches and cracks 

The older the toilet, the more likely signs of wear and tear can be too difficult to clean. It also happens when you over scrub your toilet too much over the years. 

Meanwhile, some old toilets may have signs of hairline cracks in the toilet bowl or tank. It could be easy to ignore these signs until it becomes bigger and flood your bathroom when you least expect it. If you experience these issues, you could at least inspect your toilet first. 

When you clean your toilet, ensure to check your bowl and tank for signs of cracks and scratches. If you see a crack, it may not be as urgent for now, but check if there are leaks when you flush. Leaks can damage your floor and cause mold. Better yet, it could be better to replace your toilet immediately. 

It needs a lot of repairs. 

On the one hand, minor toilet repairs are possible and are easy to do, although it could cost some money and time. If the flapper, handle, or fill valve is the issue, you can proceed with the repair route. But if there are cracks or scratches or an old toilet, it is better to replace it instead. 

New toilet models have low-flush, which is economical and water-saving. It uses less than 2 gallons of water per flush compared to 3 to 5 gallons of old school toilets. Not only are you helping the environment but also saving you money. A professional plumber in Franklin, TN, may also be a great help with your plumbing concerns, so contact one today.


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