3 Tips on Defrosting a Refrigerator Properly

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the house. Imagine where you will store your frozen goods or where you will get ice cubes to enjoy a cool drink. Most refrigerators nowadays are eco-friendly, saving you money from utility bills. You can also call a professional repairman if there are any concerns about your refrigerator. 

How often should you defrost your freezer? 

Regardless of the refrigerator type you have, it is best to defrost at least once a year or when you notice an inch-thick of ice forming in your freezer. Don’t forget to unplug your refrigerator before you defrost it. Also, remove all the food inside the fridge and put rugs and towels on the floor before defrosting. 

Defrosting your refrigerator freezer is a must, but not everyone might be keen on doing it. But we need a freezer in our home, which is why we should do everything to keep our fridge in excellent shape. Most refrigerators are “frost-free,” which means you don’t have to defrost your fridge manually. However, it can still create a thin layer of ice over time which means you will still have to defrost from time to time. 

Tips on defrosting your refrigerator

Make sure to defrost a refrigerator the right way. Here are tips that will help, so your fridge will last longer for many years. 

Check the manual first. 

It is better to check the appliance’s user manual before starting the defrosting procedure. You will also see there how often you should defrost your ref freezer. 

Try different defrosting methods. 

There are different ways to defrost your refrigerator. One is by leaving the door open, using a blow dryer, or putting a fan in front of the fridge to hasten the defrosting process. Some also use bowls of hot water, put them inside the ref, and then close it. 

Another way is by using a heated metal spatula to scrape the ice layers. Make sure to wear an oven mitt before holding the spatula over the flame and then scrape or press it into the ice. Meanwhile, you can also use a hot cloth and rubbing alcohol to loosen the ice. You can also use a wet/dry vacuum with the smallest nozzle accessory, then set the switch to blow. 

Clean up after removing the ice. 

When the ice melts, clean the freezer using hot, soapy water with a tablespoon of baking soda. Dip a clean rug or sponge in the mixture and rinse the inside of the refrigerator. Repeat until the ref interior is cleaned thoroughly. Once dried completely, plug it back in so it cools back, then put your food back inside the fridge. 

Usually, it would take up to 8 hours for the ice to completely melt. By following the abovementioned suggestions, the time of defrosting your refrigerator will be cut in half. Make sure to defrost your refrigerator at least once a year to keep it running and well-functioning for longer. For your other kitchen pipes and drain needs, better to hire a professional plumber in Franklin, TN.


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