4 Common Plumbing Concerns Every Apartment Renter Should Know

Apartment living benefits those currently saving money to buy their own home or make traveling to their workplaces easier. But like homeowners, apartment tenants should also take care of their units. This includes addressing common plumbing issues so it won’t cause inconvenience to their daily lives. 

This goes to say that apartments also have plumbing problems that should be addressed immediately. However, it could be tricky to deal with as you have little to no control over how previous apartment renters have treated the unit’s plumbing system. Nonetheless, landlords and tenants should know how to deal with their plumbing problems. 

Plumbing in apartments 

So how does apartment plumbing differ from plumbing in traditional homes? For one, the latter needs a little more care to create a functional plumbing system for the entire apartment complex. 

Multi-story structures such as apartments require extensive plumbing work so that water reaches each unit. At the same time, ensure to remove waste that can contaminate the water supply. The entire plumbing system should cope with frequent use and fluctuating pressure as multiple tenants use the water supply simultaneously. 

Common apartment plumbing problems

Each part of an apartment plumbing system should work properly to prevent costly pipe and drain problems. That said, landlords and renters should be aware of any of these plumbing problems in apartments: 

Leaky faucets 

Like in traditional homes, apartments also experience leaky faucets, resulting in water wastage and higher water bills. This is a common plumbing problem, especially in older apartment buildings. If you notice excess water drips coming out of your faucet even though you have already tightened it, you might want to have it checked by a plumber to be sure. 

Clogged drains 

Most people take a shower and sink drains for granted until they notice signs of clogs. It is often caused by soap scum, hair, and grease trapped in the pipes and causes the clogging over time. Commercial drain cleaners can be a short-term solution to your clogging problem. You can also use a plunger to remove whatever’s clogging the toilet or drain. 

Dirty water 

There’s no fun about dirty water coming out of your faucet. It could be because of rusty pipes or something else. Whatever the reason is, you or the landlord should address the concern immediately. 

Frozen water pipes 

Harsh winters can happen and could freeze your pipes. Frozen pipes can crack and burst and lead to leaks or flooding. That could spell a major disaster if not addressed immediately. It is a serious matter that should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

If the apartment unit or building experiences one or more common plumbing issues, ensure this gets fixed immediately. Otherwise, it could affect other units and cause a much bigger problem. 

You can also try removing the clog on your own. However, it could worsen if you use the improper tools and steps and cause further damage to your water supply and plumbing system. 

Instead, it would be best if you went to a trusted professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, to help you carry out plumbing tasks for apartment plumbing issues. Contact one today!


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