4 Common Causes of Pipe Blockages – And How to Prevent Them

Pipe and drain blockages may not be a big deal at first until it escalates and becomes a major, irreparable issue. A blocked drainage and pipe system could cause flooding and corrosion and lead to expensive repairs if not addressed immediately. When this happens, you should call a professional plumber near you immediately. 

What causes drain blockages?

Clogged drains are a hassle to deal with and could be complicated to get rid of. There are several reasons why this happens. You can fix the problem if you have the tools and skills, but much better if you hire a professional plumber to help you de-clog your pipes and drains.

Here are the common causes of pipe blockages and how to fix the issue. It could be a combination of two or more problems, but all the more that should be addressed ASAP. 


It can be several things, but you cannot simply wash any kind of dirt down the drain. Dirt can accumulate over time and cause blockages. It becomes worse when combined with soap scum, hair, and grease. This can be addressed by using a plunger, a plumber’s snake, or a drain cleaner. To prevent future clogging due to mud and dirt, wash outside the house first with a garden hose before using the bathroom to clean yourself. 


It could be from human hair or animal fur, but both can cause clogging in the bathroom and laundry area. When left ignored, it could combine with grease, dirt, and soap and wreak havoc to your drain. Using a plunger or a plumber’s snake will also work on getting rid of hair blocking the drain. You can also use a commercial drain cleaner but it could damage the water pipes when used often. Instead, you can try using vinegar and baking soda to clean the drain. 

Food residue 

Drain clogs also happen due to food residues such as rice grains, fruit peels, and others. This happens when you wash the dishes in the sink and you let the food residue gets washed down the drain. This habit is a no-no because food residue won’t easily break down. So, make sure to scoop and get rid of all the food residue from the sink and throw them in the trash bin. 

Sanitary/feminine products

There are only two things that can be flushed in the toilet: human waste and toilet paper. Flushing down wipes, sanitary napkins, and diapers are a no-no. Actually, some toilet paper such as quilted ones can still cause pipe blockage so it would be better to throw your used tissue paper in the trash bin instead. Never flush any item in the toilet unless it’s human waste and tissue paper. 

If your sink, toilet, or shower is draining slowly or not draining at all, most likely it is because of a clogged drain. Do not delay and have it fixed instead! You can use basic de-clogging tools as mentioned above. Better yet, call a professional plumbing service in Franklin TN for your pipe and drain declogging needs. 


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