4 DIY Kitchen Plumbing Hacks You Should Learn Now

Some people love to do DIY projects. But anything DIY plumbing projects? If it involves repairing broken drains and replacing pipes, doing these tasks yourself can be daunting. Hiring a professional plumber may be your most logical solution for your kitchen plumbing repairs and other needs. 

However, it is not always the case. Back then, many people only relied on plumbers to repair their kitchen pipes and other plumbing issues. Nowadays, even first-timers try to be hands-on on basic plumbing repairs. But for more complicated maintenance, that is time you may have to call a plumber to help you. 

Kitchen issues you can DIY 

Doing repairs by yourself can save you money, unlike when you hire someone to do the job for you. If you are confident enough to take on the DIY task, why not? Basic kitchen hacks and improvement projects can be done in a few hours using simple tools. Take time to learn these kitchen plumbing hacks for future reference. 

Moving your kitchen sink 

Doing this is easy as long as you ensure that you relocate the sink not too far from the drain and supply lines. Check your kitchen sink, and you will see the supply lines that provide hot and cold water as well as the drain. The garbage disposal cord or double sink drain lines may be connected there. Although drain lines are not flexible, you can extend them with an additional pipe. 

Replacing or installing a kitchen faucet 

To replace or install a faucet, you have to crawl under the sink cabinet. You also have to buy a kitchen faucet and read instructions on installing it the right way. When purchasing a kitchen faucet, ensure that the other important parts are included. 

Replacing a garbage disposal 

Most people would hire plumbers to do the job. However, it could also be easy for you to do the job. Fold up a dish towel and place it on a scissors car jack. Then place the garbage disposal on the dishtowel and jack it into position. You can also ask for help from someone to hold the garbage disposal and bolt it in place. 

Installing a dishwasher 

Installing a dishwasher means you have to fit hoses and wires into a narrow space. You can try doing this task instead of calling a plumber. Make sure you have lots of dry towels to wipe off water spills. Home improvement experts suggest installing the dishwasher beside the kitchen sink. Also, be careful when installing the dishwasher, as it could cause flooding if you do it incorrectly. 

Should you get a plumbing permit? 

Depending on the task, you might have to apply for a plumbing permit even if you do the plumbing repair or installation yourself. For replacement of the faucet and installation of dishwasher, no permit will be needed. For major kitchen renovations, you will need that.

You can DIY your kitchen repairs or installations if you are confident with your skills. Or you can hire a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, for your plumbing needs. 


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