4 Important Tasks To Remember During a Septic Tank Maintenance

A report by the EPA reveals that at least 20 percent of US households use a septic tank or a community cluster system for water treatment instead of relying on a municipal or city wastewater system. 

If you have your septic system at home, you should be familiar with it. More so, how to maintain it and prevent clogs and leaks. Better yet, hire a professional plumber to help you get rid of your pipe and drain problems at home. 

So, what’s in a septic system? It consists of the septic tank and the leach field connected to various pipes that lead from your home’s wastewater drainage line through the tank. Also known as the drain field, the leach field comprises perforated pipes where liquid waste is released. 

How to maintain a septic tank 

Septic tanks can last up to 40 years when properly maintained. Meanwhile, the leach field can last for at least 50 years with the same care and maintenance. These tips will help ensure your septic system to be on top shape and functional for many years. 

Schedule a regular septic tank pumping. 

Experts suggest having your septic tank pumped once every two to five years depending on several factors such as: 

  • Number of people in the household 
  • Tank size 
  • Type of waste in the septic system

Pumping your septic tank may cost as much as $600, though again, it depends on the tank location and size. A home with a garbage disposal system can dispose of more solid and liquid waste. However, it would be best to have your septic tank pumped more frequently. 

Check for leaks. 

Aside from regular pumping, make sure to check the septic system for any leaks. You will know if there are leaks in the tank when you see areas around it that are denser or lusher than other parts of your yard. A leaky tank also gives off unpleasant sewage smells. 

Nonetheless, the best time to check for any sign of tank leaks is when it’s being pumped. Ask a professional plumber or an experienced technician if they will include a leak inspection during the pumping process. Ensure they inspect the tank for signs of leaking and check for baffles that need fixing. 

Maintain and mark off the leach field. 

The leach field must be protected as it is made of perforated pipes. It can be walked on without a problem. However, heavy vehicles and equipment can cause damage to the buried pipes. To prevent potential damage to the septic system, mark off the leach field so that people will know not to put heavy pressure on that area. 

Conserve water. 

Limiting household waste and water usage can help maintain your septic system. Install appliances that help in saving water and fix any occurring leaks ASAP. Don’t throw food waste and fats in the sink, but instead in a compost pile or waste recycling facility. Hire a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, for your plumbing needs. 


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