4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

A water heater is a critical component of any home or office. It provides hot water for washing items, taking showers, and doing laundry. If you don’t maintain your water heater, it will not function properly and will need to be replaced sooner than expected. 

There are many ways to extend the life of your water heater to save money and time. But if it suddenly does not work, it would be best to hire a plumber near you for your plumbing problems. 

What is a Water Heater?

Water heaters are common fixtures in many homes around the world. They come in big metal cylinders, while some are tankless. It is responsible for providing the needed hot water, whether for your laundry or bathing needs. 

Tankless water heaters are getting more popular these days, although the bulky tank water heaters are still used in many homes. Hybrid water heating models are also available if you are looking for an efficient water-heating machine. Here are the different types of water heaters: 


Either electricity or gas powers Tank-type water heaters, the latter being more expensive to buy but cheaper to use. Tank-type heaters have insulation that holds hot water. Its thermostat maintains the water temperature. The pressure-relief valve prevents too much pressure from building up. However, tank-type heaters can only have a limited amount of water. It also uses gas or electricity to maintain the water temperature. 

Tankless water heaters 

These heaters are compact and installed on walls, unlike the traditional bulky water heaters. It provides hot water on demand. Coldwater flows into the unit, and then a sensor activates an electric heating element or gas-fired burner that makes the water hot. It does not store water and only heats water as needed. However, tankless water heaters are more expensive than tank-type heaters.

Hybrid water heaters 

It is a tank-type heater with an electric heat pump mounted on top of the tank. It uses less energy than the traditional water heater. As you might already know, it is also more expensive than the conventional heater and tankless water heater. But it could be one of the best investments for your home. 

Water Heater Maintenance Tips 

There are many ways to extend the life of your water heater and make your hot water last longer. 

One way to extend the life of our water heater is by installing a timer to let the water run for a few minutes every hour. This will help remove any sediment that may have accumulated in the tank.

We should also make sure to flush out our tank once a year to remove any sediment that may have accumulated in it. This will help increase the lifespan of your water heater and reduce your energy bill.

Meanwhile, the thermostat is used to control the water temperature in the tank. If it is set too high or too low, it can affect how well your water heater works. To extend its life, make sure that you put it correctly for your needs and not use a timer to turn it off at night or on weekends when no one is home. 

Replace damaged parts as needed instead of replacing the entire unit. It will help you save time and money and ensure that your water heater lasts long. For example, you can only replace a gas heater’s thermal ignitor or control valve if the rest of the heater is undamaged. 

However, it still depends on the extent of the water heater damage. Your water heater should serve its function and provide the hot water you need for your domestic needs. For other fixes required, you should hire a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN. Contact one today!


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