5 Best Dog Bathing Tips First-Time Pet Owners Should Know

As a responsible dog owner, it is a must to give your beloved pooch regular baths to keep them smelling good and fresh. Not all dogs love baths but are beneficial to your pet nonetheless. It keeps dirt and bad smells at bay and keeps them healthy and parasite-free. 

However, not all dogs need the same bathing frequency. It may depend on the dog breed, environment, and fur. You also have to designate a place where you can bathe your dog. For example, a lot of pet owners choose to bathe their dogs in the bathroom. The only risk of doing so is fur getting stuck in the shower or tub drain. When this happens, you might have to hire a professional plumber to get rid of the clog. 

Tips on bathing your dog 

Before bathing your dog, it is important to prep your pet first to ensure an enjoyable bath experience. Here are important tips on bathing your beloved pet dog. 

Brush your dog’s fur first.

If you have long-haired dogs such as Golden Retrievers or Pekingese, it is a must to brush their fur first to get rid of the tangles. Washing your dog with tangled fur can be an unpleasant experience for your pooch. 

Prepare your dog’s bathing supplies. 

Aside from prepping your dog, you should get ready as well. Make sure to wear casual and comfortable clothes that you won’t mind getting soaked and dirty. You will need: 

  • Dog shampoo (check reviews for the best option for your pet) 
  • Absorbent towels (one for wiping off your pet, and the other for your dog to stand on while still wet) 
  • Brushes and combs for fur detangling (if you have a long-haired dog)

Decide where to bathe your dog. 

Experts suggest considering the breed and size of your dog first so that you have enough space to bathe your pet. For example, small dog breeds can be bathed in a sink. Meanwhile, bathtubs can accommodate all breed sizes. Some breeds may also be better bathed outdoors due to the space or the amount of dirt and fur that could accumulate in the drain. 

Take note of the water temperature. 

Make sure that the water used for bathing your dog has the right temperature. This is particularly important if you decide to bathe your dog outside. The water should be lukewarm so that your dog will be comfortable while getting bathed. Giving your dog a cold bath not only won’t guarantee a sparkly and freshly-clean finish but also can be uncomfortable for your pet. 

Other tips for bathing your pet at home 

Here are other reminders to consider when bathing your pet at home. 

  • Do not leave your dog unattended while in the bathroom and ensure not to struggle to strain your dog attempting to escape in the middle of the bath. 
  • Wash off shampoo and conditioner from your dog thoroughly to prevent them from itching due to dermatitis or lesions.
  • Do remember to comb or brush your dog’s fur first before bathing so it won’t cause clogging on your bathroom drain. Speaking of clogs, contact a professional plumber in Franklin TN to help you with drain and pipe issues. 


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