5 Common Refrigerator Problems You Should Have Fixed ASAP!

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in every home. It serves as storage space for frozen and fresh foods and keeps your drinks cool in time for the hot season. Make sure your refrigerator is working well, but it doesn’t always happen all the time, unfortunately. You might want to call a plumber to help fix your fridge problems. 

Common refrigerator problems

Some common refrigerator problems may require help from a skilled appliance repairman. He should be able to help you diagnose what’s wrong with your refrigerator. Here are some of the most common refrigerator problems that are better fixed by skilled personnel. 

Has water leaks 

A leaky refrigerator is a common problem that needs urgent fixing. It happens due to a blocked defrost drain or a frozen or clogged water supply line. Food particles and other debris cause blockage in your defrost drain. To remove the clogging, you can use warm water to flush the drain inside the freezer. The defrost drain hose is located at the back of your fridge, and make sure to clean it with soap and hot water to get rid of any debris. Don’t forget to turn off the power first before doing all of these. 

Keeps on running or cycling 

Your refrigerator has to run to maintain the right temperature to cook food and drinks inside. But if it runs too frequently, there’s a problem with your fridge. Worse, your refrigerator that keeps on running will increase your electric bill. A constantly running fridge could be because of too much dust and debris build-up around the fridge’s condenser coils. It could also be because your fridge’s temperature is set too low. In this case, you have to adjust the temperature to check if it is causing the non-stop running. 

Makes noises 

Any appliance that makes loud or unusual sounds means something wrong with it. If this happens to your refrigerator, there’s a problem with either its condenser fan or evaporator fan. These fans run simultaneously and cause weird noises if one of the fans is malfunctioning. 

Not cooling 

Refrigerators are meant to stay cold. But if you notice your fridge is not getting out, you have to get it fixed ASAP. Your problem could be due to its condenser coils. Cleaning it can be a great start, then also check the condenser fan motor to see if it’s running properly. You might have to hire a professional to help you fix this problem. 

A sudden increase in your electric bill 

A sudden increase in your home’s electric bill can be shocking (no pun intended), especially if it’s not your usual bill. It could be because of your refrigerator, which consumes the most electricity. You might have an old unit that is not eco-friendly. In this case, you might have to replace it with a newer and eco-friendlier one. 

When it comes to refrigerator problems, make sure to have it fixed ASAP. For your other plumbing concerns at home, better to hire a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, today. 


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