5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Won’t Go Down – And What to Do About It

The worst thing that could happen while in the bathroom is flushing the toilet, and then you realize it won’t go down! Then you wonder whether it’s clogged or will it overflow and spill all the icky stuff on the bathroom floor. Of course, you will start to panic and get stressed. But before that happens, make sure to calm down first and call a professional plumber to help you with your toilet problems. 

First of all, don’t worry too much – a toilet, not flushing, is a common issue that is easy to repair. Here are possible reasons why your toilet won’t go down and how to fix the problem. You can go the DIY route, but it is also better to hire a professional plumber instead. 

Reasons why your toilet won’t go down 

There are several reasons why your toilet won’t go down. It could be because of one of the following culprits: 

Toilet handle 

When you flush the toilet, you use the toilet handle. But when you push the handle, but nothing happens, there is a bit of a problem with your toilet. Don’t worry; it’s easy to fix. It is most likely your toilet is disconnected. It could be because a loose nut or a broken chain link may cause the toilet not to flush. You can reconnect the nut or the chain link, and you’re good to go. 

Low water level 

Another culprit could be low water levels in your toilet tank. To confirm this, check your toilet tank. The water should be about an inch below the top of the overflow tube. You can also twist the flush valve if you see it was bumped, causing toilet flushing problems. Other possible issues could be pipe leaks or water pressure issues

Flapper/fill valve 

Another common toilet issue is when you flush your toilet, but you notice that it doesn’t stop running. A running toilet wastes a lot of water, which is why you should fix it immediately. It happens because the flapper seal is cracked or bent. Another potential issue is due to hard water buildup inside the fill valve that causes the constant running of the water. One way to fix it is to replace the flapper seal or repair the valve yourself. 

Clogged toilet 

There might be clogging inside the toilet that is causing the toilet problem. If you don’t know yet, toilets are not meant to handle different types of wastes such as sanitary pads, diapers, food remnants, or even used cooking oil. Use an auger snake or a plunger to remove any clogs causing your toilet problems. 

Drain line issues 

Your toilet might be functioning well but is still not flushing for some reason. It could be not because of your toilet but your drain line. It could be because of a clogged drain line. In this case, you might need to hire a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, to unclog your pipes. 


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