5 Tips to Clear a Clogged Sink

Unclogging your bathroom or kitchen sink is such a hassle. It is even the least of homeowners’ concerns – until the sink starts to drain slowly and fills with standing water. Bathroom and kitchen sink clogs can be due to various reasons but should be addressed immediately. 

Of course, the first thing most homeowners would do is to call a professional plumber. But sometimes, you don’t have to just yet! You could solve some of these common bathroom and sink clogging issues by yourself. Here are useful tips in clearing a clogged sink that will help you save time and money later on. 

How to clear a clogged sink 

Clearing a clogged sink can be a messy job, but can be done on your own in most cases. Here are tips to remember to get rid of clogs on your bathroom and kitchen sink. 

Don’t add more water to a clogged sink. 

The worst thing you could do to a clogged bathroom or kitchen sink is to add more water to it! If the standing water in your kitchen sink stops draining, it will just worsen your clogging problem. One way to get rid of clogged water is by using a plunger or an ample amount of commercial de-clogging product. 

Be careful when using commercial de-clogging products. 

Although these products are effective in getting rid of drain blockages, these chemicals can cause damage to the sink pipes. Also, it can cause potential bodily injuries if mishandled. So if you have to use a de-clogging product, you can use biodegradable options as these are safer but also effective. Or you can use DIY cleaning products available in your pantry to de-clog your blocked pipes and drains. 

Pour hot water in the sink. 

Pouring water in a clogged sink could make the clogging worse. But you can also try flushing the blockage by slowly pouring hot water into it. Take note of the word “slowly”. Pour boiling water with a tablespoon of dish soap into the drain to help dissolve the clog in the sink. But next time, avoid disposing of food scraps or oil in the sink to prevent clogged sinks in the future. 

Be careful when using a plunger. 

A plunger is one of the most effective de-clogging tools. When using this tool, the sink should have a few inches of water before you start de-clogging. Then, put the rubber suction on the sink drain and plunge the tool up and down until the sink clears. But be careful not to plunge with too much force. Too much pressure can cause damage to the drain line which can make the clogging worse. 

Try using a plumber’s drain snake. 

Another tool you can use is a plumber’s drain snake or auger. Simply remove the sink strainer and push the tip of the drain snake. Twist the crank and continue to do so until you are able to break down whatever’s blocking the pipes. 

For clearing simple clogged bathroom and kitchen sinks, you can do the daunting task of de-clogging by yourself. But for more complex and tedious pipe and drain issues, it is better to hire a professional plumbing service in Franklin TN


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