5 Tips to Remember Before Starting a Kitchen Renovation

Starting a kitchen renovation project can be daunting, to say the least. Depending on the scope of your home improvement project, it could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You also have to consider the potential impact of the renovation on your daily family life. 

You might have to temporarily relocate your appliances in another area, have your water pipes checked by a professional plumber for any signs of damage, or protect the rest of your home from dust and debris. Nonetheless, a kitchen renovation or any kind of home improvement project should be well-planned to avoid hassles and stress in the future. 

Tips to remember before starting a kitchen renovation 

When it comes to home improvement projects such as kitchen renovations, you could expect to spend a good amount of money on them. Not to mention, prepare for temporary adjustments while the renovation is ongoing. 

However, you can also opt to renovate your kitchen without spending too much. Here are some useful tips that can help before starting a kitchen renovation. 

Keep the footprint as much as possible. 

Whether you have an L-shape, U-shape, or galley-style kitchen, try not to change it as much as possible. The problem may not be your kitchen’s existing footprint but how you arrange your appliances, cabinets, and other kitchen items. It may also be because you have a limited space, which is why changing the footprint may not be the best option for now. 

Keep your appliances in their original position.

Then again, it would also be better to keep your appliances in their original place if possible. This is because the plumbing, electrical, or gas lines might be affected if you relocate your kitchen appliances. It could also mean spending the extra money to change utility lines.

Shift into functional flooring. 

Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen is also a high-traffic part of the house. This means the kitchen is prone to all sorts of stains and moisture. That is why hardwood is an impractical choice as it tends to soak up spills and stains. If you are looking for the best kitchen flooring, look for one that is waterproof and stain-resistant. Opt for ceramic tiles, vinyl sheets, or laminate flooring. 

Opt for practical countertops.

Countertops are a kitchen staple and come in different materials. Quartz, granite, stainless steel, and concrete are some of the most popular countertop materials. These could also be expensive, although guaranteed to be high-quality and functional. But if you are looking for less expensive but still functional alternatives, you can choose ceramic or laminate. 

Opt for ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets. 

Gone are the days that homeowners have to settle on particle board cabinets for their kitchen. Nowadays, ready-to-assemble or RTA cabinets are available that are cheaper and easier to install. Or instead of replacing the entire cabinet, you can reface it instead. 

These are some important considerations to remember before starting a kitchen renovation. You might also have to consider your wiring and plumbing systems during major home improvement tasks such as this one. Contact a professional plumbing service in Franklin TN for your plumbing needs. 


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