5 Ways to Save on Bathroom Remodelling

The bathroom is one of the high-traffic areas in the house due to obvious reasons. Of course, every homeowner wants to have a luxurious-looking bathroom. After all, who doesn’t want to take a nice shower, or sit down on the “throne” feeling like royalty while doing your business? 

However, fixing the bathroom can be expensive. Repairing a clogged drain or toilet may require the help of a professional plumber near you. But a complete bathroom makeover is another story. Most people think that a bathroom remodel means spending a lot of money on it. 

How to save money on bathroom remodeling 

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot to make your bathroom more beautiful than ever. Here are tips to save on bathroom remodeling. 

Keep the original layout and size of your bathroom. 

Unless you are intentionally making your bathroom larger, then you can skip this part. Otherwise, enlarging a bathroom space means you have to adjust everything – from the fixtures to the drain and pipes. Did we mention that this step could be expensive? 

On the other hand, you can save money by keeping the original bathroom size as long as it suits your needs. Still, it is up to you and your original plan with your bathroom, and make sure to consider your budget before starting your bathroom makeover. 

Don’t touch the bathroom drywall as much as possible. 

Bathroom makeovers could mean replacing the drywall because of high moisture levels. More so, drywall that is affected by mold should also be replaced immediately. Specifically, you should check the drywall near the bathtub or shower area if there is a need to replace it. If some parts of the drywall are still in good shape, keep it that way. Otherwise, replace damaged drywalls as needed. 

Consider a standard-type toilet. 

Old toilet models may not be as economical, unlike the water-saving types that are common nowadays. However, new toilet models often have extra features that add to their total price. Not to mention may also require costly maintenance along the way. 

Then again, it depends on your budget and preference whether you want to buy the toilet of your choice. Otherwise, a simple but well-designed toilet with good flushing performance is enough. You can even install your toilet, which can add up to your savings. 

Consider a prefab bathtub or shower as well. 

Want to do an expensive step in your bathroom? Get rid of an old prefab shower base and replace it with customized tiled walls and base. If you want to save on bathroom renovation, you might want to buy a preformed shower stall instead. Not only will it take only a few hours to install but also save you money from hiring tile setters. 

Refinish bathroom fixtures. 

Instead of tearing down existing tubs or other bathroom fixtures, why not refinish them? Do you want to replace them for aesthetic or for functional purposes? If it still works well, you can renew or refinish them instead so you can save on money. 

These are some ways you can save money on bathroom remodeling. Check your budget before starting home improvement projects such as this one. But for immediate repairs such as drain and pipe problems, better call a professional plumber in Franklin TN


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