6 Signs You Should Replace Your Main Water Line ASAP

Common plumbing problems happen here and there but should be easily fixed by a skilled plumber. Your plumbing system goes through a lot of wear and tear over the years, which could lead to clog and other pipe and drain damage. No homeowner wants to deal with pipeline and drain problems and the stress of it. Then again, plumbing problems happen. It’s a matter of knowing what to do to ensure your water line’s longevity and overall function. 

When is it time to replace the main water line? 

You will have to replace the main water line in your home due to weather conditions, use, and other factors. The question is when to replace it. Nonetheless, taking care of your pipe system is a priority and should be part of your home maintenance routine. Otherwise, it could spell disaster for your home. 

Then again, plumbing catastrophes can be avoided with regular maintenance and care. It also helps to identify the cause of common plumbing problems. Here’s how to know when to replace the main water line: 

Pest infestation 

Damaged sewer lines are an open invitation for rats, roaches, and other icky pests. They can easily squeeze into the small holes of the sewer lines. If you see more pest problems in your home than before, you might have to have your water lines checked and call a plumber. 

Higher water bills

A damaged water line also leads to higher water bills and messes up your budget. Hiring a professional plumber to fix your water line is better than paying for a high water bill but not addressing the main issue in the first place. 

Water puddles

Water puddles and lush grass patches that were not there before could be a sign of a leaking main water line. You can call a professional plumber to confirm your suspicions. 

Weird noises coming from your pipes 

Hearing the water flow when the shower or faucet is open is normal. But if you still hear noises even if there is no water running in the pipes, it could be because there’s a leak in your main water line. You might have to have your water lines checked and inspected. 

Water contamination 

Any damage to your water line can let debris and dirt contaminate your water supply. If you notice discoloration, grainy texture, or weird smell in your water, it could already be contaminated and cause serious health risks. 

Tree root growth 

The large trees in your backyard could be why your toilet doesn’t flush properly. Tree roots could creep into your plumbing system and cause clogs and other pipe damage. It happens because trees look for moisture through their roots, and it often ends up near the main water pipeline to get the moisture it needs. It could damage your pipes later on once the roots expand. 

Nobody wants water supply problems. You should regularly check and inspect your plumbing system and not ignore tell-tale signs of water pipe damage. Today, contact a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, for your pipe and drain repair needs. 


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