6 Steps on Cleaning and Maintaining The Gas Furnace

Regarding comfort in your home, you need one that will make you feel cool during hot summer days and another to keep warm during cold sweater weather. 

If you are starting to feel the chilly weather and want to snuggle in a blanket at night, it’s time to pay attention to your gas furnace if you already have one at home. Ensure that your gas furnace works at the top through preventative cleaning and regular maintenance

How to clean a gas furnace? 

A gas furnace is an important fixture in your home, especially if you live in a colder area. Like any other appliance, you should clean and maintain them regularly. These gas furnace cleaning tips will help you keep your heating system running smoothly and keep you toasty and warm: 

Prepare essential tools. 

To start, you must prepare tools including screwdrivers, furnace filter, lightweight machine oil, ratchet and socket set, and a small bristled brush. 

Turn off the furnace gas and power. 

This is important to reduce the risk of gas leaks or shocks. You can find the furnace power source in your circuit breaker box, then turn off the electrical power. Next, shut off the gas valve. 

Clean the furnace surface. 

Start by cleaning the exteriors by wiping them using a clean damp cloth. Remove the furnace access door, loosen the burner cover screws, and remove dust using the vacuum. Call a gas furnace expert if there is any soot or dust build-up. 

Clean the hot surface igniter. 

Use a straw to blow the dust off the pilot light. Don’t touch the hot surface igniter (if you have a newer furnace model); use the straw to blow off the dust. Also, pull out the flame sensor (located in a bracket) and use a clean cloth to clean it and ensure it lights properly. Then, please put it back into place. 

Check the drive belt. 

Look for any signs of cracks or frays on the drive belt. If there’s damage, you must buy a new one and replace it. Then remove the oil caps, clean them, and use up to 3 drops of lubricating oil on the shaft bearings and blower motors. 

Replace the air filter. 

Replace the oil furnace filter once every 3 months. Choose a filter per manufacturer recommendations so the blower motor won’t get strained. Once everything is done, turn the burners back on and ensure the flames are even and blue. 

Like how you need an AC during summer, you will also need a gas furnace to warm up your cold nights. That is why you should ensure your gas furnace is well-maintained and working well. 

The abovementioned tips should be done so that you can use your furnace for many years. This might seem like a lot of work. If you feel overwhelmed with these tasks, you can call a trusted maintenance service in Spring Hill, TN. Contact one today!


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