6 Things You Should Not Store in Your Bathroom

No matter how easy it is to store items in your bathroom, there are just certain items that do not belong there in the first place. Speaking of bathrooms, aesthetics is not only important but also the functionality. That also means hiring a professional plumber for your drain and pipe repair and maintenance needs. 

What should you not store in the bathroom?

As mentioned, not all things are meant to be stored in the bathroom for several reasons. Whether you are looking for ways to reorganize your bathroom, here are important things to remember when it comes to bathroom storage. Rather, things that do not belong in the bathroom: 

Metal cans 

Not those food contained in metal cans but those grooming and cosmetic products in such containers. This includes shaving creams, hair spray, and other similar products. Storing these items in the bathroom can cause rusting at the bottom. Instead of putting them in the bathroom, you can keep them in your closet or pantry.


Unless you want to get electrocuted for fun, you should not put any kinds of electronic devices in the bathroom. When you shower, steam may form in your bathroom and cause havoc to your electronic gadgets. In that case, make sure not to put your electric razor and other electronics in your bathroom and stash them away in a nearby cabinet or closet. 


Bathrooms are breeding grounds for mold and mildew, so you should avoid storing your used towels or clothes inside. It could make your bathroom smell unpleasant and can even trigger health problems. 


Whether doctor-prescribed or over-the-counter, all kinds of medicines should not find their way into your bathroom. Most medications should be kept at room temperatures, not in areas that frequently change temperature (from hot to cold, and vice versa). Temperature changes could ruin the potency of medicines. 


Like medicine, makeup is better stored at room temperature. It would be best if you stored them in your bedroom because that’s where you put your clothes and other personal belongings anyway. 


Before stepping into the shower, remove your jewelry and put it in your bedroom or elsewhere but the bathroom. The humid bathroom environment could speed up oxidation and tarnish your precious jewelry. 


This could be tricky, as most people usually do their oral care routine in the bathroom. However, this is applicable if your toilet is very near your toilet. That’s because your toilet sprays all those icky particles that could somehow reach your toothbrush and your other bathroom surfaces. 

These are items that do not belong in the bathroom. For your bathroom pipe and drain repair needs, better to call a professional plumbing service in Columbia, TN, today!


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