7 Reasons Why There’s No Water Coming Out of Your Faucet

You are about to turn on the faucet to wash your hands, and voila! No water comes out! It is one of the worst things that could happen in your household and disrupt your usual routines. We all know how important water is in our daily lives. Imagine the hassle of not having a water supply at home due to a broken plumbing system. Call a professional plumber to help fix your leaky faucets and other plumbing issues. 

Why is there no water coming out of the faucet? 

If you encounter any plumbing issue, address it immediately and have it fixed. It is also better to know what’s causing the problem. Common reasons why there’s no water coming out of the faucet can be one of the following: 

Leak problems 

One of the main causes of water pipe problems is a leaky pipe. Leaks can lower water pressure and halt water flow completely. Check your water supply lines for dents, drips, and other pipe damages, and have them fixed ASAP. 

A pipe blockage 

If you see water not coming out of your bathroom faucet, try checking the other faucets in the house. If the other taps are working fine, only one of the faucets is faulty. In this case, you should replace the broken faucet or check if something is blocking the water pipes. Better to contact an expert to help you fix the problem. 

The water supply has been turned off. 

If there’s no water supply at home, check with your neighbors. If they have a water supply, remember if you have already paid for your water bill. Your water supplier may have also turned off the water supply. In this case, you might want to contact your water supplier. 

Water heater problem

Your hot water could also be causing your water supply issues. If the hot water does not come out, check your water heater. It could be because of a leak, sediment build-up, or plug problems. You can flush and reheat it or call an expert to help you. 

Presence of rust

Another common plumbing issue is rusting, causing water taps to malfunction. Rust forms due to wear and tear that could lead to blockages. If there’s rust on the exterior, it also has rust on the interiors. In this case, you should replace your water tap with a new one. 

Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes could also cause your faucet troubles and stop water flow to your home. You would want to check on this, especially if it happens during the cold season. You can use a hairdryer to unfreeze it if it’s freezing pipes and get the water supply flowing again. 

DIY installation issues 

If you have installed a faucet or shower on your own, it could lead to plumbing problems. DIY installations can save you money and build your skills, but follow all the instructions to prevent leaks and other damages. But if you are not confident with your DIY skills, better to let professional plumbers in Franklin, TN take care of your plumbing needs. 


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