7 Signs Your Septic Tank is Full – It’s Time to Empty It!

For homes that are not connected to the city sewer lines, you will need to have a septic system to treat wastewater. The septic system is one of the most important systems in every home. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to forget its maintenance which is crucial to ensure the system works well. Hiring a professional plumber is also a good idea for all of your plumbing needs.

Neglecting or not maintaining your septic tank system is not the same as forgetting to take out the trash. You simply take the trash to get rid of the bad smell and ensure cleanliness in your home.

However, a poorly-maintained septic system can be challenging to fix if left ignored. Using a drain cleaner or other cleaning products may not be the best solution for your septic tank issues. Likewise, you should also know when the septic tank is already full and needs emptying.

Why you should maintain your septic system regularly

It is important to maintain and pump your septic tank system regularly. A thousand-gallon tank usually fills up between 2 to 3 years. However, the EPA recommends pumping the tank out within 3 to 5 years of usage. The emptying interval depends on the following:

  • Amount of solid waste
  • Amount of generated wastewater
  • Tank size
  • Household size

If you have recently bought a house, it is also a must to know the last time the septic tank has been emptied.

What happens when a septic tank is already full?

Before deciding whether it’s time for your septic tank pumped, you need to determine whether it is urgent. There are three levels of a septic tank’s fullness:

Normal level

This level means your septic tank has enough space to flow out without any issues.

Sludge is starting to accumulate

Waste accumulation inside the septic tank is a normal thing. Usually, wastewater at 1/3 level of the septic tank is still normal. However, the sludge in it may already begin to affect the effluent quality sent to the bed. In this case, you might already have to schedule a pump-out to get the tank back to optimal efficiency.

Overflow danger

Over time, your septic tank will become full of grease and sludge that can cause clogging and inefficient flow to the dispersal bed. If not emptied in time, it could spell disaster to your home and may require a dispersal bed replacement, which could be expensive.

You should also know these signs of an overflowing septic tank, such as:

  • Strong/bad odor coming from the tank
  • Gurgling/pooling water
  • Well water with high nitrate content
  • Slow drains
  • Slow flushing
  • Raw sewage backup
  • Your lawn area is too green/too healthy

What should you do if you notice your septic tank is already full?

If you see that the tank is already full of sludge, you can call a professional plumber in Franklin TN to help your tank pumped. More so, you should have your septic tank checked if you cannot determine the last time it was pumped. Call a professional today and have your septic system checked and pumped as needed.


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