Are Bath Bombs Bad For Your Plumbing System? Know the Truth!

Bath bombs can make bath time fun and relaxing. Back then, bath bombs were not yet mainstream, when it became more than a fancy trend until a few years ago. Nowadays, more and more households love using bath bombs as part of their bath time routines. They smell good and produce fizzy bubbles that will make you feel like you’re in a spa, except that you’re in the comfort of your home. 

However, have you ever wondered whether bath bombs could be bad for your plumbing? We will find out in this article and learn about the truth about bath bombs. Calling a professional plumber near you is also a good idea to help you with your plumbing problems. 

What’s in a bath bomb? 

Bath bombs are fizzy and scented bath salts usually shaped into a ball or in other fun shapes, for starters. These are designed to dissolve in your bathtub, and then you can step inside, smell the wonderful scent, and relax your mind and body after a tiring day. Bath bombs also make amazing gifts for friends and loved ones. 

Bath bombs are made up of three major ingredients: cornstarch, citric acid, and baking soda. It also contains scented oils and perfumes and glitter and dye that adds fun to your bath time. These ingredients create a fizzy effect when submerging the bath bombs in water. 

Can bath bombs damage your piping system? 

The bath bomb’s ingredients are considered safe on human skin. That means it won’t cause damage to your pipes as well. The problem is the other ingredients, such as the glitter, which doesn’t dissolve, salts, and essential oils. 

The salts, oil, and glitter in the bath bombs can cause clogging in your drains. It could catch on loose hair and soap and shampoo scum stuck in the drain. Glitter, flower petals, confetti, and the smell of essential oils can make your bath time more pleasant and relaxing. However, clogged drains aren’t fun at all. 

How to use bath bombs safely

You don’t have to toss away your bath bombs and not be able to enjoy them anymore. Here are ways to use bath bombs safely without causing problems with your drain system. 

Wrap the bath bomb in a nylon cover. 

Putting them inside an old pair of nylon tights or pantyhose will prevent its chunky contents from spilling into the tub and clogging the drain. Slip the bath bomb into the nylon cover and tie it shut. 

Clean the drain regularly. 

Make sure to clean your tub regularly, especially if you use bath bombs more often. As much as possible, avoid using bath bombs with glitter, confetti, and other additives that don’t dissolve easily. Otherwise, it could wreak havoc on your drain and pipes.

Using bath bombs can make your bath time experience more fun and relaxing. Make sure it won’t cause trouble with your drain and pipes by following these tips. Contact a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, immediately if ever clogs happen due to bath bombs. 


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