7 Useful Tools To Help Solve Your Plumbing Problems

Professional plumbing services should have all the tools they need to perform their plumbing tasks. Professional plumbers care for complicated plumbing issues and ensure they fix them well. However, even inexperienced homeowners can solve common plumbing problems with just a handful of plumbing essentials. 

Essential plumbing tools every homeowner should have 

Most of these common plumbing tools are more about the basics, which is why they are not too complicated to use. These plumbing tools should exist in every homeowners’ storage area in case minor plumbing issues occur: 

Toilet plunger 

Also known as the flange plunger, the toilet plunger is specially-designed to clear toilet clogs. It works like a traditional plunger, except it has a rubber flap below the dome of the plunger head. The flange plunger effectively creates hydraulic pressure to get rid of toilet clogs. 

Sink auger 

Also known as the drum auger or canister auger, a sink auger is the ultimate plumbing tool for clearing clogs in the tub and sink drains. There is a separate auger for your toilet, so use only this type of auger for its intended purpose. A sink auger has a flexible stainless steel cable with a corkscrew tip and is specially designed to reach and clear clogs. 

Toilet auger 

The toilet auger is called a closet auger or water closet auger and is made to clear toilet clogs. Toilet augers have a long metal rod with a bend to reach the toilet’s bottom. Set the tool in place, then push and rotate the cable to get through the clog and get rid of it. 

Cup plunger 

Most people are more familiar with this one and the most common plumbing tool you see in every home. It has a rubber cup-like shape and a wooden handle to clear clogs in the shower, tub, and sink drains. However, getting rid of toilet clogs is not recommended because it has a special plunger for that.

Plumber’s tape 

Plumber’s tape, also known as Teflon tape, is an essential plumbing tool to prevent leaks. It is made with PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene), has a silky texture, and is sold in small rolls. You wrap this thin white tape around pipe threads and fittings before twisting the parts together and sealing the joints to prevent leaks. 

Pipe wrench 

The adjustable pipe wrench is designed to grip round objects, including pipes, and provide grip and leverage. Pipe wrenches should be used only on galvanized steel, iron, and heavy-duty pipes and fixtures, including hydrants and spigots. On the contrary, avoid using a pipe wrench on shiny fixtures such as copper pipes as it tends to leave teeth marks behind. 

Faucet valve-seat wrench 

A faucet-valve seat wrench is a small tool to remove the valve seats on a compression faucet. Compression faucets are the oldest style that compresses a rubber washer against a valve seat in the faucet body. 

These are some of the basic plumbing tools every homeowner should have. Simple plumbing problems like clogs can be solved using these tools. But for more serious plumbing issues at home, contact a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, today!


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