Converting a Bathtub to a Shower: Is It Worth It?

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, which must have an inviting space. A walk-in shower is a great way to make your bathroom more attractive. Hiring a professional plumbing service is good if you plan bathroom repairs or renovations. 

A walk-in shower has many benefits, including standing up while you bathe, which can help with injuries or other mobility problems. It also offers more space for bathing products and towels and can be easier to clean because of the lack of corners and crevices. The main drawbacks are that they may require renovation work and are often more expensive than other options.

Still, more homeowners believe a bathtub-to-shower conversion is a good investment, mainly for practical reasons. Upgrading your traditional bathtub into a luxurious walk-in shower can be a tempting thought. The question is whether it is worth the expense or not. 

Should you convert your bathtub into a shower? 

Bathroom renovations can cause inconvenience, at least only for a short time. But it can offer better value to your home in the long run, which leaves us with the question of whether converting your bathtub into a shower is worth it. Here are reasons that can convince you to convert your bathtub into a shower: 

Can yield the best ROI 

According to Zillow, bathroom conversions can yield the greatest ROI and increase the value of your home. The bathroom is one of the most frequently-used rooms in the house. So it only makes sense that you invest in a bathroom renovation. 

Easier access 

Walk-in showers are easier to access. This is important for elderly homeowners who might have difficulty stepping over the side of the bathtub and preventing accidental slips and other unwanted accidents. 

Makes the bathroom more spacious 

Showers take up less space and suit all bathroom sizes, unlike bathtubs. Although bathtubs are an all-time favorite bathroom fixture that can offer ultimate relaxation, showers are as refreshing and cleansing. 

More eco-friendly 

If you are trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, installing a shower in your bathroom is a good idea. Bathtubs tend to require more water and end up wasted or thrown away after use. Whereas in showers, you can use the shower on demand and have the opportunity to conserve water. 

Which offers better home value: Bathtub or shower? 

Many homeowners wonder whether a shower or a bathtub offers better resale value. According to real estate experts, converting your bathtub into a shower won’t hurt your home’s resale value. Having both a bathtub and shower isn’t a bad idea, either. 

Having a bathtub can be valuable if you live in an area where young families live or tend to move to. If you also prefer to have both a bathtub and shower at home, why not? Then again, you should consider your bathroom space, family size, and community demographics before deciding whether to convert your bathtub into a shower. 

You should also consider the cost of replacing your tub with a shower. You might have to check your budget if: 

  • Drains and plumbing need complete renovation to accommodate your new shower.
  • You use high-end materials, including luxury fixtures and natural stones. There’s nothing wrong with using high-end materials for your shower if it will make your bathing experience more enjoyable, relaxing, and valuable. Make sure you are decided to use them so you won’t regret it and spend on another renovation or replacement. 
  • You have a specific shower style in mind. Take note that some types and styles are more expensive than others.

Whatever you decide, you should consider many things, including the bathroom space and your budget. More importantly, you should ensure your bathroom plumbing is in good shape. Contact a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, for your pipe and drain repair or replacement needs. 


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