Can Epsom Salt Unclog Your Drain? Here’s What You Should Know

One of the most common bathroom and kitchen issues that homeowners deal with at least once in their lives is clogged drains. It could be one of the many reasons, including accumulated dirt and grime in the drains. These things you can easily remove to clear off your drain. But when your drain is completely clogged, better to call a professional plumber to help fix your drain problems. 

Clogged drains are a common occurrence. It could also be expensive to deal with depending on the severity of the clogging situation. That is why many people go the DIY route to unclog their drains instead of hiring professional plumbers. One common way of declogging their drains is by using Epsom salt. 

Can Epsom salt unclog a drain? 

This is a common question people ask themselves. Instead of hiring someone to do the job, they do it instead, especially if it’s only a minor clogging issue. Epsom salt is said to help unclog a drain and is one of the most popular substances used for that purpose. It is also used for healing and detoxification since hundreds of years ago. 

If you are using Epsom salt for the first time, remember that it is different from regular table salt. The latter is used for cooking, while the former can’t due to its bitter taste. Epsom salt is used for healing, including: 

  • It heals skin inflammation by soaking your leg in a salt bath for 30 minutes. 
  • It can also relieve pains and body aches after soaking in hot water. 
  • It also increases magnesium levels in your body, although more studies have to prove the claims. 

Getting back to the question, the short answer is yes. Epsom salt contains oxygen, sulfur, and magnesium that, when mixed with water, creates a fizzle and unclogs a drain. It has been used in many households as an effective declogging tool. 

Epsom salt effectively removes any biodegradable waste and grime in the drains causing the clog. However, be careful not to overuse Epsom salt as it could damage the gutters, especially ones made from stainless steel. Follow these instructions in using Epsom salt in clearing your clogged drains

  1. Pour hot water in the clogged drain or toilet bowl, add two Epsom salt teaspoons. 
  2. Pout hot water again, let it settle for a few minutes, then flush with water. 
  3. Be careful when pouring hot water, especially into the toilet bowl, as it could break the porcelain material. 
  4. Another option is instead of using hot water, pour a cup of Epsom salt directly into the clogged drain or toilet and wait until the fizzling stops before flushing with water. 
  5. Repeat the process until the clog is gone, but make sure not to use more than four cups of Epsom salt. 

Epsom salt is an effective declogging tool that can save you money and be safe on the drain as long as you do not overdo it. It’s not a bad thing to go DIY for home improvement and repairs. But for more serious pipe and drain problems, contact a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, immediately. 


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