Can You Use Coffee Grounds to Unclog A Sink or Toilet? Read This First

Even though there are a lot of declogging products available, dealing with drain and pipe clogs can be a headache. Calling a professional plumber is the obvious solution. However, not everyone would be willing to spend that money to hire a professional for their plumbing woes. Instead, many people take matters into their own hands and rely on their DIY skills. 

As mentioned, there are several declogging products available in the market. You can use commercial or all-natural products to fix plumbing problems. Speaking of all-natural, have you tried using coffee grounds to clear up and freshen your drain? If you haven’t or contemplating trying, here’s what you should know first. 

Can you put coffee grounds to unclog a drain? 

Certain food items can pass through garbage disposals but not down the drain. While coffee grounds can be flushed out with water, it doesn’t mean they can also unclog a drain. 

Wet ground coffee can become clumpy and thick, stick to your pipes, and clog your drain. Even when coffee beans are grounded into instant coffee, about 70% of it remains insoluble. It does not break down or dissolve in water and will stick to your drains and pipes, hence the clogging. 

Aside from coffee grounds, other items that should not go down the drain include the following: 

  • Non-food items such as metal, wood, cigarette butts, etc. 
  • Fibrous items such as fruit and vegetable peels and eggshells 
  • Starchy foods such as potato peels, rice, and pasta 
  • Grease, fat, and oils

These items can cause a clog to your garbage disposal and drains. When in doubt, don’t throw these items down the drain and opt for the trash bin or compost instead. 

Effective ways to unclog your drain and pipes

There are still people who swear by using coffee grounds on unclogging the drain or sink. If you decide to use coffee grounds, use sparingly to keep your drains and pipes clear. 

You can also use commercial declogging products, but make sure not to use too much as it could lead to corrosion and damage your drains and pipes over time. Others use drain snakes to clear the clogs. With some research, you can unclog pipes effectively using the drain snake.

Another tool you can use is the plunger. If you have a two-sided sink, cover the side that is clear and use the plunger on the clogged side. But for serious clogs, it is better to hire a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, and let them deal with the drain and pipe problems. 


While it is up to you to use coffee grounds to unclog drains and pipes, use sparingly to prevent matters from getting worse. Better to use commercial cleaning products, but with extra caution. Otherwise, you can scrap the idea of using coffee grounds to clear your pipes and use them on your morning coffee instead. Also, it could be a good idea to throw used ground coffee on your lawn or as part of your compost.


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