4 Ways to Clear Root Problems from Drain Pipes

Tree roots are a common cause of clogging. Roots that grow too close to the sewer pipe may cause the pipe to become blocked. Tree roots can also grow into pipes and create cracks or holes.

If you have a clogged pipe or drain at home, you should remove the cause of the clogging immediately. There are DIY ways to eliminate clogs and other plumbing problems, but you can also call a professional plumber to help solve your plumbing woes. 

How to Solve Clogging Problems Because of Tree Roots 

One of the most common causes of clogs and pipe problems is tree roots. It could be because of that large tree in your backyard or perhaps the one from your neighbor’s property. 

Tree roots are often the culprits behind clogged drains. They can create cracks or holes in pipes, which can block drains. Roots that grow too close to the sewer pipe may cause it to become blocked, too. Tree roots are one of many causes of plumbing problems, but they’re one of the most common ones homeowners encounter daily.

Root growth is a common problem that could cause clogging at home and even at your neighbors’. If you think the clogs in your pipes are because of root growth, it’s time to take action immediately before it gets worse. 

But before doing the necessary action steps, like pouring harsh chemicals down the drain or digging a hole in your yard, it is better to schedule a sewer inspection with a professional plumbing service. A professional plumber is equipped with advanced tools to check your pipes and solve your plumbing problems.

Here are common ways to solve clogs in pipes and drains and get rid of annoying tree roots that are causing the problem: 

Drain Snaking 

It is a cost-effective way to remove tree roots from the pipes. Also known as the rooter machine or mechanical auger, this plumbing tool comes with a long cable and is effective enough to cut through roots. Drain snaking may take some time, especially if it involves a thorough process. 

Drain Hydro-Jetting 

Drain snaking can remove roots effectively from pipes. However, many plumbing companies may also offer drain hydro-jetting services. The latter can provide a long-term solution for your tree root problems. On the downside, hydro-jetters can be more expensive. 

Chemical Treatment 

Chemical treatments can also be used to treat root problems and prevent them from growing back again. You can have the pipes coated with chemical treatment for added protection. However, not everyone may not recommend using chemicals to get rid of tree roots as they could harm the plants and environment. 

Sewer line repair 

If any of the abovementioned solutions do not solve your root problems, they can try these instead: 

  • Spot repair 
  • Pipe-lining/trenchless sewer replacement 
  • Partial or complete sewer replacement 

How to Avoid Root Problems 

By now, you already know how to remove roots from pipes. The next step is to prevent it from happening again. If you are planning to plant trees on your property, here are tips to avoid pipe issues due to tree root invasion: 

  • Identify where your sewer system is, and avoid planting near that spot. 
  • Choose the trees you are going to plant. Opt for slow-growing trees such as magnolia trees or Japanese maples. 
  • Suppose there is a tree planted near a pipe system. Best to have it removed as early as possible. Contact a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, today!


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