5 Tips to Keep Your House Cool Without Running Your AC 24/7

Temperatures can get too high, especially during the summer, and it’s normal to find relief from the scorching heat. The aircon is one of the most important appliances in your home. It helps to keep your house cool during the summer months. But it can also be expensive and not as eco-friendly as you might think, especially if you want to keep your home cool 24/7. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to stay cool without opening the AC, and some are surprisingly simple. Of course, you need to take care of and maintain your AC to keep it running and functioning well for many years. Here are tips to keep you cool on hot days without turning on the AC non-stop. 

How to cool down without using AC

Hot days can make everyone in the house sweaty and all. For those who prefer staying home but want to keep cool, AC is the solution. If only running the AC non-stop comes with no problems, except that it doesn’t. It can increase your energy bills and cause potential damage to your unit in the long run. 

Here are alternative ways to keep your house cool without running your airconditioning unit morning ‘til night: 

Start from the attic. 

The attic is usually the first part of the house that gets hot, especially if no trees are shading your home nearby. By keeping your attic cool, you can also cool down your entire home. Do these steps to lessen the hot air circulating in your attic area: 

  • Install attic fans. You can choose from roof-mounted, gable, or smart attic fans that can be adjusted to accommodate heat levels.
  • Attic insulation. You need to add insulation to your attic walls to keep your home cooler. 

Use a fan. 

There are different types of fans you can add to the rooms. One is called a box fan that is meant to be installed on windows and to remove warm air from the room. Pedestal fans can be installed in the bedroom, particularly beside or at the foot of your bed. Ceiling fans offer a constant downward breeze to ensure comfort and bring coolness to the room. 

Use bedsheets with breathable materials. 

There are also bedsheets made from breathable materials such as cotton and bamboo, which are perfect for summer days. Unlike satin or polyester, cotton and bamboo offer a lighter feel and won’t feel sticky and hot when they come into contact with skin. 

Circulate air. 

The temperature cools down in the evening. Try opening your window and running your ceiling fan to bring in the cool evening air. Upon waking up, close the windows and shut the curtains to keep the room cooler. 

Unplug appliances that are not in use. 

Make sure to unplug appliances that are not in use, from TVs to microwave ovens to room lights. These drain electricity and produce heat. Meanwhile, you can install cooler lightbulbs such as compact fluorescent lightbulbs to make your home cooler. 

These are only some of the best tips to make your house cool without running the AC 24/7. If your AC has leaks or any other problems, make sure to contact a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, immediately. 


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