Do You Have High Water Pressure? Here’s How to Know

Taking a shower or washing clothes with low water pressure can be disappointing and even annoying. However, an unlimited water supply may not always be as luxurious as one might think. For one thing, it could impact your budget and even cause potential chaos in your home. You might have to hire a plumber to help fix your problematic pipes and drains. 

Do you have high water pressure at home? 

High water pressure may not always be good for your home and budget. The normal water pressure at homes should not go beyond 60 psi. Meanwhile, the normal water pressure for plumbing systems should be between 45 and 55 psi. Beyond those numbers, you might have problems with your pipes and appliances later. 

High water pressure can waste up to 26 gallons of water every 10 minutes. Imagine its potential impact on your water bill. Aside from that, high water pressure can also put too much stress and damage on your plumbing system. Likewise, it can reduce your appliances and pipes’ lifespan. 

Low and high water pressure both exists but happens due to different root causes. You might experience low water pressure if you have an old plumbing system. Your old plumbing system has rust buildup that affects water flow. In this case, you need to replace your old galvanized pipes with copper pipes. 

The next question is how to fix high water pressure. It is important to address the issue immediately, or it could make matters worst for your plumbing system. Plumbing issues can be easily resolved using a pressure-reducing valve or PRV. Using PRV can help you save money on water consumption and adjust the water pressure to the right level. 

What are the signs of high water pressure? 

You will know if your home has high water pressure if you notice: 

High water pressure can cause pipes to break or crack. It can also cause leaks and unusual clanking sounds. Worse, it could reduce your pipes and appliances’ lifespan. You would not want expensive repairs later on, so make sure to address the issue the moment you see it. Water damage due to a ruptured water supply line can be too risky; it could damage your pipes and home. 

Do you have a running toilet?

Here are things you can do to fix a running toilet and what to do about it: 

  • Remove the tank lid and listen to the water filling up the tank. If the water flow sounds loud or gushing, you might have high water pressure. 
  • Check if you have replaced the fill valve at least once for the past 10 years. If you did, most likely it is because of high water pressure. 

Do you have a dripping faucet/shower/tub?

Here are signs that you have a dripping faucet and what to do about it: 

  • It is likely high water pressure or loose pipes if you hear a knocking or slamming sound when turning off the shower or faucet. 
  • If the water from the faucet spritz hard when you turn it on, it is most likely due to high water pressure. 
  • If there is a leak from the end of the water heater temperature and PRV drainpipe, you need to replace the T&P valve. For more complex pipe and drain problems, better call a professional plumber in Mt Pleasant, TN, today!


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