Drain Cleaning vs Drain Clearing: What’s the DIfference?

Clogged drains can be a real nightmare and are not always easy to fix. The problem with clogged drains is that they can be caused by various things, such as hair, food waste, and grease. Many people try clearing their clogged drain themselves, which can often worsen the problem.

No homeowner is safe from clogged drains, which could happen at some point, in the least expected moments. Whether it’s a clogged drain or sink, make sure not to delay and call a professional plumber as soon as possible. 

Drain Cleaning vs. Drain Clearing: What’s The Difference?

The first step in fixing a clogged drain is identifying the cause. This will help you determine what kind of solution you need to use. If your clog is caused by hair or food, it might be possible to fix it with hot water and a plunger or toilet brush; however, if your clog is caused by grease. 

Cleaning the drain is the logical solution to this problem. Drain cleaning and drain clearing are often interchanged, but these could be two different things. Here’s what you need to know about the two and their pros and cons. 

Drain Clearing

Drain clearing removes tough clogs from the drain to let water flow freely. Professional plumbers often use drain augers or snakes to clear clogs from the drain. They may also use video inspection or camera equipment to check the problematic pipes. Rarely do they use chemicals to get rid of clogs, as they could damage the pipes. 

Drain Cleaning 

Meanwhile, drain cleaning is a more thorough process to remove the clogs and restore the pipes to tip-top condition. This includes removing grease, dirt, hair, grime, mineral deposits, and other debris. It is also not advisable to DIY clean your drains at this point. 

Drain cleaning is also considered a long-term solution for businesses and homeowners. It can reduce the chance of clog formations in the future, so you should let a professional deal with it instead. 

hydro-jetting machine is often used for drain cleaning. It releases pressurized hot water to clean the pipes thoroughly. This, again, should only be done by a professional who is skilled for this job. 

Drain Cleaning vs. Drain Clearing: Which is the Best Option For You? 

Not sure which of the two to do to your clogged drains? Here are things you should consider: 

How old is your plumbing system? 

The older the drain, the higher the risk your pipes and drains will get clogged. In this case, drain cleaning is the better solution, especially for those with older properties. 

When was the last time you cleaned your drains? 

It is advisable to clean your drains once every 2 years. More than 2 years and a drain cleaning procedure should be done ASAP. 

Do you have hard water? 

Some areas have hard water that could cause clogs in your pipes in the long run. If it is causing the clogs, it is best to contact a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, today!


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