Flushed Something Accidentally Down the Toilet? Here’s What You Should Do

Accidents happen all the time. Like when your wedding ring accidentally slips off your finger and falls down the drain. Or when you accidentally drop your smartphone in the toilet. Incidents like these can still be resolved with the help of a professional plumber. But what if you flush something down the toilet by mistake? 

First, you need to take a deep breath and calm down. Don’t worry. There are still ways to retrieve your items accidentally flushed down the toilet. This article will help you deal with these kinds of unpleasant situations. Here’s what to do if you flushed something accidentally down the toilet. 

How to retrieve something flushed down the toilet 

Just because you have accidentally flushed down the toilet doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do anymore. You can still retrieve your lost items easier than you might think. If you can still see the item at the toilet bowl base, it means it didn’t make it down, and you can still retrieve it. In this case, grab a pair of rubber gloves and gently fish the item out of the toilet bowl. 

But if you cannot see the object anymore, you might need some extra effort to get it out of the toilet. Here are tips on how you can get an item out of the toilet: 

  • First, you should turn off the toilet water supply to prevent accidental overflow and other messes. Close the flapper, the toilet component on the chain. 
  • Use a plunger and put gentle pressure on the toilet to bring the item into view. This can be useful, especially if we talk about a larger object here. It won’t make it down the pipe so a plunger can be of great help in this case. 
  • You can also use a bent wire hanger if the plunger doesn’t work. It could be risky, though, as you might push the item deeper into the bowl or scratch its surface. To avoid this, form a small hook shape at the tip while leaving the rest of the hanger as straight as possible. Trace the top of the drainpipe using the hook and then push it down as gently as possible. Swivel the hanger around as you pull it up. You can also try to attach a magnet on the hook if the item you’re trying to retrieve is metal. 
  • Ensure to wash the retrieved object before using or giving it to the owner. Then, turn back on the toilet water supply. 
  • If both options don’t work, it might be the right time to call professionals before doing something to your toilet or plumbing system. Better to hire a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN. They have tools and equipment, especially for toilet and plumbing situations. 

Hiring a professional can be your best bet if the plumbing situation is complicated. You can rely on these professionals to address your pipe and drain repair needs, from leaking faucets to clogged toilets. 


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