Garbage Disposal Tips and How to Prevent Clogging

Your garbage disposal system should be working smoothly or else, it can cause blockages and mess up your home. This usually happens when food waste gets stuck which causes the unit to stop running. It could cause water to gurgle back to your sink and cause a mess in your kitchen sink. When this happens, make sure to call a professional plumber near you

Still, it is better to know how to avoid such garbage disposal issues and make sure it does not happen. For one, garbage disposal maintenance is a must so it keeps running smoothly and making your life a lot easier. Better yet, consult a plumbing expert to help maintain your garbage disposal unit. 

What not to put on your garbage disposal 

The best way to prevent drain and pipe clogging is to know what not to put in it. A garbage disposal unit should help keep your dishes clean and get rid of food remnants. However, it should not be made to replace trash removal tools.

To prevent blockages, make sure to remove the remnants of the dishes first before washing them. Aside from these food items, make sure that there is enough amount of flushing water to prevent clogging the pipes. Use cold running water before the grinding process to help flush down food particles easily. 

Some food items that you should not put on your garbage disposal unit include the following: 

  • Harsh commercial drain cleaners, it can potentially damage your sink drain and pipes 
  • Fat, grease, and cooking oil. Instead of throwing it into the garbage disposal, gather all the grease in a plastic bag and dispose of it elsewhere. 
  • Meat and bones can damage the blades. Throw them in the trash instead 
  • Vegetable waste such as banana and potato peels, celery, and onion skins 
  • Pasta and rice bits 

Basic garbage disposal troubleshooting guide 

A malfunctioning garbage disposal unit may need a simple fix to make it work again. Here are tips to troubleshoot basic garbage disposal issues. 

When your garbage disposal does not run properly 

If the unit is not working or running properly, check whether the power is connected to it. Reset the unit by pressing the reset button. It is usually located under the unit. If it is due to overheating, contact a professional plumber to help you. 

When your garbage disposal emits a bad smell 

Never use commercial cleaning chemicals as they could be harsh and damage the pipes. Instead, you can use natural ingredients to get rid of the foul smell. Pour a small amount of bleach and rinse the drain after 15 minutes. You can also grind some citrus peels and feed in a couple of peels at a time, or mix white vinegar and baking soda, let it sit down the drain for about 30 minutes, then rinse. 

When your garbage disposal does not drain properly 

If left ignored, it can cause flooding and bad smells. Make sure to get rid of the debris by gently scraping and poking the appliance using a pair of tongs or any similar cleaning tool. For more effective cleaning and repair, contact a professional plumbing service in Franklin TN. 


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