Should You Use a High-Power Flush Toilet?

The last thing you want to happen is doing your business in the toilet, flushing it, and then it does not flush! It could be because of different reasons. It could be because of a clog, which you can take care of using a plunger or a more suitable plumbing tool. It might also be better to call a professional plumber to care for more serious toilet and other plumbing problems. 

But sometimes, it’s not because of clogs that your toilet is not flushing. It could be because of the toilet itself. Some toilets have low flush power, which could be your toilet at home. Should you get a high-pressure flush toilet instead? Here’s what you should know to decide which is right for you. 

Types of high-pressure flush toilets

First, four high-pressure flush toilets are specially made for residential property owners. These are: 

Double cyclone and tornado flush 

Toto, a popular toilet brand, created this type of high-power toilet. These toilets use pressurized jets at the top of the bowl, two nozzles on the Double Cyclone, and three on the tornado. The jets create a powerful flush that effectively and powerfully flushes the waste down and clears your toilet bowl. 


This toilet uses compressed air for added flushing power and less water waste. Pressure-assisted toilets can be a little louder than traditional toilets. So if you don’t like too much noise when flushing, this might not be for you. Still, this toilet does its job and keeps your bathroom clean. 

Double vortex 

Double vortex toilets are commonly found in American Standard toilet brands. It uses jets to create a powerful and effective flush of all that icky human waste. It has two nozzles at the top of the bowl and travels in both directions simultaneously to create that powerful flush every time. 

Siphon jet 

A siphon jet flush toilet is a separate small reservoir tank that can be installed with other systems. Water is then released with a vacuum pull to add power to every flush. 

Tips to increase your toilet’s flush power 

By now, you already have an idea of the different high-power toilets you can choose. You can buy a new toilet with a high-power flush but expect to spend on purchasing the item plus installation and the slight inconvenience it could cause your family during the installation. 

Still, you can improve your current toilet and its flush power. Here are tips to help increase your existing toilet’s flush power: 

Clean your toilet 

Especially the rim jets. They are prone to mineral buildup that could cause clogs and ineffective flushing. Use a thin or unbent wire coat hanger to scrape the mineral buildup. 

Check for clogs 

If the low flushing power of your toilet is mostly due to pipe clogs, get your drain or pipes unclogged before deciding whether to change your toilet.

Check if you have a broken flush valve

The flush valve is usually located at the bottom of your toilet tank, that part that lifts when you flush. A broken flush valve can cause low flush power and should be replaced immediately. 

If you have tried everything above, replacing your toilet with a high-powered one is best. Contact a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, for your pipe and drain repair and installation needs. 


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