Important Facts You Need to Know Before Replacing A Copper Pipe with PEX

Your home will undergo some kind of renovation or remodeling at some point. If you reach this point, be ready to make some adjustments to your domestic life. For one thing, it’s going to be a messy and noisy affair. It would also require tearing walls, ceilings, or floors to be able to inspect old pipes and replace them as needed or fixed by professional plumbers near you

Inspecting the plumbing system regularly is important as it carries water throughout the home or establishment. In case of leaks and other damages, they should be fixed immediately to prevent devastating effects later on. Replacing or fixing old or broken plumbing systems is a normal house maintenance routine and should be done by every homeowner. 

Replacing water pipes with PEX 

One of the most popular types of water pipes is one made from copper. It was once the go-to pipe material back in the ’50s until the early 2000s and was commonly used to replace steel and in other construction projects. 

Copper pipes usually have a long lifespan of about 50 years or more. However, they will eventually lose their quality over time. Installing copper pipes meant using a flame torch and skills to join the pipes. However, the popularity of copper pipes slowly waned because of PEX plumbing. 

For starters, PEX tubes are made of cross-linked polyethylene, a type of flexible tubing material said to have strength and durability. Copper pipes are still being used in many homes. However, more and more home and building owners use PEX for new constructions and extensions or replacements for existing copper pipes. 

PEX pipes are also DIY-friendly and are said to be easier to install and connect than copper pipes, which usually require soldering using a flame torch. Instead, it uses either crimp-ring or push-fit connectors. Although, it is said that the latter is the favorite method among DIY fans. 

When you notice damaged copper pipes, you can do one of the following DIY methods. 

  • Re-piping by replacing copper pipes with PEX 
  • Replacing the old pipes with PEX as needed 
  • Spot-fixing by cutting out the damaged sections and replacing them with PEX pipes 

Tips on replacing copper pipes 

Before replacing copper pipes, you need to detect the early signs which means it is the right time to do so. 

  • Presence of corrosion, leaks, or crusts on the copper pipes 
  • Presence of wide bulges on the walls or ceiling due to the pinhole leaks in the copper pipes
  • A musty, weird smell similar to stagnant water 

If you notice these signs, better to do something about it the soonest! Here are tips on replacing or fixing copper pipes. 

  • Turn off the water first by closing the main shutoff valve while the repair is ongoing. 
  • Next, drain the pipes by turning on the faucet in the basement, ground floor sink, or any other faucet at the lowest level in your house. 
  • Mark the pipe you are going to replace and cut through the pipe using a copper tubing cutter. The cut ends should be done as cleanly and smoothly as possible. You can do this by using a deburring tool. 
  • Better yet, hire a professional plumber in Franklin TN to help you with your drain and pipe needs. 


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