3 Reasons Why You Should Inspect the Sewer Line Before Buying A Property

Buying a home is a big decision and can be a very challenging process. There are many factors to consider, like the property’s location, size, price, and condition. 

One of the most important things to consider before buying a home is whether or not it needs any repairs. This can be difficult because you may not know what to look for, but there are some common issues that you should know about.

That is why you should have a home inspection and check all the nooks and crannies of your soon-to-be house. You can also ask for help from a professional plumber to check the condition of the water supply pipes.

Why You Should Schedule a Home Inspection 

Home buying can be stressful because you have many things to consider to ensure you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, home sellers may either forget or purposefully not tell you any problems in an attempt to sell the property as soon as possible. 

That is why you have to do your assignment to know what needs to be repaired or replaced. After all, no one would want to buy a home without checking it first for any signs of damage or leaks. 

It will give you peace of mind. 

Most home buyers would hire home inspectors to check on the property. They are specially trained to check a structure’s interiors and exteriors. Home inspections will check your house from top to bottom, inside and out. They will also determine the life expectancy of your roof, electrical, and plumbing systems. 

Then again, sewer lines are not always on top of homeowners’ minds until problems appear. It could back up in the least unexpected times and cause flooding and damage. 

It will address common sewer line problems. 

Another common cause of sewer line issues is tree root intrusion. Tree roots tend to be where the water supply is. Unfortunately, it can cause damage to your pipes and affect your water supply. You can avoid this potential catastrophe by scheduling a home inspection. 

The house is old. 

Older homes built before 1980 should have their pipes and homes inspected. More so if you have Clay Tile and Orangeburg tiles. However, even homes built after 1980 can still encounter plumbing issues due to installation, not the material used. Sewer lines may also shift, sag, or crack if you live in areas with expansive soils or seismic activity. 

Suffice it to say you should have your home (or the house you plan to buy) inspected. It will help determine the type of sewer line, its condition, and the type of maintenance you should do after the assessment. 

As early as now, it is best to schedule a sewer line inspection before you buy a property. Any issues will be addressed, and make the most of your real estate investment. Contact a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, today!


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