Is Your Refrigerator Leaking Water? These Are 6 Possible Reasons Why

The refrigerator is a staple part of every home. It keeps your drinks cool and stores and preserves food. Energy-efficient refrigerators are also available in the market, so better if you are still using your 70’s refrigerator model that contributes to your high energy bills. Calling a professional plumber is also a must for leaks and other refrigerator problems. 

Why is my refrigerator leaking?

Speaking of leaks, discovering one around your refrigerator area is an unpleasant moment. This leads homeowners to wonder where the leaks come from. Unfortunately, it could be because of various reasons. Here are the most common reasons why your refrigerator is leaking water. 

Leak on the waterline 

Refrigerators with water lines are common in most households. For one, you get to have a refreshing glass of ice-cold water anytime you want. But if you notice that your refrigerator is not producing ice efficiently as before or detect leaks near the rear part of your ref, it could be because of a damaged water line. 

Check the water line and the connected valve at the back of the refrigerator for any signs of leaks. Once you find one, try to tighten the valve. If the hose is leaking or pinching, trim the damaged part or replace the entire hose instead. 

Blocked defrost drain 

You can also check the defrost drain hose for signs of leaks. It is usually located under the freezer compartment, behind the unit, or below the produce bin. Clogs due to food particles and other dirt and debris can cause melted condensation and floor leaks. 

Flush the drain hole using a turkey baster and warm water. Use a pipe cleaner if the clog is harder to remove. Then, locate the defrost drain hose and clean the drain valve with water and soap. Your ref should stop leaking once you have already removed dirt in it. 

Cracked drain pan 

The drain pan collects water condensation from the evaporator fins. Usually, you won’t need to empty the drain pan as water easily evaporates unless the pan has cracks. In that case, you should remove the drain pan, check for signs of cracks and damage, and replace it immediately. 


Humid temperatures can lead to refrigerator leaks. It happens because air humidity mixes with your ref’s cold temperatures, leading to condensation and filling up the pan faster than usual. On humid days, you might have to empty the drain pan manually and more often. Or you can buy and install a humidifier in the kitchen. 

Poor water filter connection 

A bad water filter connection can lead to water leaks, especially if it is the wrong size. When this happens, remove the filter and re-insert it. If it still causes water puddles under your refrigerator, you might have to install a new and better-fitting water filter. It should get rid of the leaking problem. 

Open door 

refrigerator door that has not been shut properly can also cause water puddles. You should double-check if you have closed the ref door before leaving the kitchen. But if the water leaks persist, try cleaning the rubber seals on the door using water and soap, and lubricate it with a small amount of petroleum jelly to ensure an airtight seal. 

Water leaks and clogged drains are not a good thing. It is best to call a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, immediately when this happens. 


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