Low or High Pressure Shower Heads: Which is Better?

Everyone loves taking a relaxing shower at the end of a busy day. Although one of the most used fixtures in the house (because who wants to feel icky and stinky before hitting the sack?), your showerhead is also one of the most overlooked and taken for granted regarding maintenance. 

It would help if you considered upgrading it for a more pleasant bathtime experience. This includes choosing the right shower head for your bathroom and bath time needs and calling a professional plumber for your pipe and drain problems. 

Regarding home improvement, you would have to allot a budget for it. This includes your bathroom fixtures, such as your shower head. Finding the right showerhead can be tricky. Read on and learn about choosing a shower head that suits your bathroom and bathtime preferences. 

Low-pressure shower head: Pros and cons 

Some of the most notable advantages of using a low-pressure shower head are the following: 

  • Energy-saving
  • Uses less electricity to warm water 
  • Manages water waste, hence saving on your water bill

However, it also has its fair share of disadvantages, such as: 

  • Takes longer to change the temperature 
  • Unlike traditional shower heads, water could be cooler (when you prefer a hotter water temperature).

In other words, using a low-pressure shower can help you save money on water bills and the environment. However, you may not like this if you prefer strong water flow when showering. 

High-pressure shower head: Pros and cons 

Meanwhile, among the benefits of using a high-pressure shower head are the following: 

  • Ideal for those who like strong water flow when showering 
  • Better temperature control
  • More options for spray patterns 

On the other hand, these are common disadvantages of high-pressure shower heads: 

  • The more you use water, the higher your water bill 
  • The higher your water bill, the higher your electric bill, too, because you use more energy to heat water

Why you should choose the right shower head 

You might think that all shower heads are the same and offer the same purpose: to provide a refreshing amount of water for your shower time. But first, you should understand what the different shower types are for and how they can impact your lifestyle and budget. 

Depends on your needs 

For example, a handheld shower head can be a better option if you need convenience in bathing your kids or pets. It can also be useful if you are cleaning the bathroom and tub. Other shower heads are also available to help save on your water bill. Shower heads with different spray patterns are also available for refreshing and relaxing bath time. 

Impact on your health 

Did you know that your shower head can also impact your health? Shower heads are breeding grounds for pathogens and harmful bacteria and microbes. There is minimal to no risk of infection, but frequent exposure to contaminated water can eventually be harmful to your health in the long run. 

Cost consideration 

While some shower heads could be expensive for your taste, think about the long-term impact on your water bill. Some outdated shower heads use up more water than modern models. Older shower heads could use up to 10 gallons of water, while new shower head designs can only use up to 3 gallons of water a minute. 

These are important things to consider in choosing a shower head. Contact a trusted plumbing service in Columbia, TN, for your shower, pipe, and drain repair needs. 


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