3 Ways to Remove Grease From the Sink Drain

Grease is one of the most common reasons for clogged drains, especially in the kitchen. Grease is a combination of animal or vegetable fats and oils that have been solidified by contact with air at room temperature.

There are many ways to keep grease out of your sink drain, but there are also ways to clean it out once it has already accumulated in your sink drain. You can DIY remove grease from your drains or hire a professional plumber to help you with your plumbing needs.

Signs of a clogged drain due to grease 

A clogged drain is a common plumbing issue, and it can happen for many reasons. One of the most common causes is the grease poured down the drain. Oil is difficult to remove from the pipes and will quickly accumulate in the pipe, causing a clogged drain.

There are different ways to tell if you have grease clog in your sink drain. It would be best if you also consider your cooking habits. If you tend to pour used cooking oil down the drain, chances are you can experience clogged drains due to grease. 

Not only by directly pouring oil down the drain that causes clogged drains, but also when you wash your dishes and cook with dairy or meat. Bits of oil and grease will accumulate over time.

The following are some signs of a clogged drain due to grease:

  • The water takes longer than usual to pass through the pipes.
  • There is a noticeable gurgling sound from your sink when you run water.
  • An unpleasant smell comes from your sink or kitchen area when you run water.
  • Your pipes are making loud noises, and there are visible bubbles in your dishwater or bathtub.

How to remove grease from drains

It can be as simple as DIY cleaning your drain with grease clogs. But if the clog is too complicated that any DIY methods would not work, you might have to call a professional. In the meantime, you can try these steps to get rid of grease from drains: 

Put a potful of boiling water down the drain.

This will loosen up any clogs and allow them to be flushed away with plenty of hot water. If this doesn’t work, you can use an enzyme-based cleaner to break down grease and oil.

Try a 50/50 mix of boiled water and vinegar.

For better results, you can add a few tablespoons of baking soda down the drain before pouring the vinegar mixture. The fizzing action can help break the grease on your drain. 

Follow it up with a plunger. 

Whichever solution above you try, follow it up with a plunger. It may not be a long-term solution, but at least it can break up the clog in the drain. 

If these tips don’t work, it could be because the clog has reached too deep or there’s too much buildup already. In this case, you might have to call a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, immediately. No one wants a clogged drain, so make sure you do something today!


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