Replace or Repair? Questions to Ask About Your Broken Furnace

Many people look forward to the cold season when they can wear their favorite sweaters, build a snowman, and sip hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. These are all favorite winter activities, after all. But it’s not all about fancy stuff. You would also have to deal with freezing temperature, shoveling snow piled up on your driveway, and contemplating between repairing or replacing your furnace. 

Your furnace is one of the most important household fixtures, especially during the cold winter. At some point, it will have some defects and malfunctions. What should you do when it happens? Should you have it repaired by a professional HVAC and plumbing personnel, or replace it, even if it could be expensive? 

Should you replace or repair your furnace? 

All we want is to stay warm and cozy this coming winter season. That is why you have to clean and maintain it regularly. Meanwhile, here are important questions to ask yourself before deciding whether to repair or replace your furnace: 

Is my furnace already old? 

Like any other appliances, you should consider how old your furnace is. The age of your furnace will help you decide whether to replace or repair your furnace. On average, a furnace lasts up to 20 years. Your furnace’s lifespan depends on the quality of maintenance and repairs, usage, and efficiency. However, you might have to replace it if you already notice defects, but it’s still less than 15 years old. 

When was it last repaired, and how long did it take to be repaired? 

Furnaces will need more repairs as it gets older. But if you have already called the pros several times for the past 2 years, or it took weeks to get the replacement parts during a repair, it might be better if you replace the unit instead. 

Are there weird noises coming from the furnace? 

It’s normal to hear some rattling or other unusual sounds when you turn on the furnace after a while. But if there are consistent sounds such as banging, rattling, or squealing sounds, there could be something wrong with your furnace that can be easily repaired. If you are unsure, you can call an HVAC technician to help you decide your next steps. 

Does it still make you feel warm? 

If it doesn’t, your furnace is not as efficient as before. A defective furnace leads to uneven heating and poor indoor air quality. It might be better to replace your furnace if you experience one or more of these things: 

  • Hot and cold spots 
  • Colder indoor temperatures 
  • Drier air 
  • More dust accumulation 
  • Drooping plants 
  • Static shocks 

Why is my heating bill higher than usual? 

If it is, it could be because of a defective furnace. The older the furnace, the less energy-efficient it could be, affecting your energy bills. Check whether a full replacement costs you more than paying your monthly heating bills. 

Are there other weird things happening in the house? 

Using furnaces can put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, especially if your furnace is older. Some signs to watch out for are the following: 

  • Sudden nausea, headaches, drowsiness, and flu-like symptoms 
  • Rusting on appliances jacks or flue pipes 
  • Moisture on windows, walls, or cold surfaces 
  • Water leaks from the chimney base or vent 

The bottom line is that you consider the age of your furnace and the cost of replacing or repairing it if it is less than 15 years old and won’t need to spend much on fixing it, best if you have it repaired. But if it’s more than 20 years old and will be too expensive to repair, best if you have it replaced instead. Contact your trusted HVAC and pipe and drain repair personnel in Spring Hill, TN, to check your gas furnace’s situation. 


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