Smart Toilets: Is It Worth the Buy?

Smart Toilets

If you plan to upgrade your bathroom, you should check if you have plumbing issues to address ASAP. Also, you would want to upgrade your bathroom fixtures, including your old toilet. You might want to consider replacing your toilet with a smart toilet.  

It’s the future of toilets, and every home should have one. Smart toilets feature advanced technologies that will ensure the best convenience and pampering. Listen to music while doing the number 2 at the toilet? Yes, it is possible!

Here’s what you should know about smart toilets and why you should buy them for your bathroom. 

What is a smart toilet? 

Smart toilets have built-in advanced technology that lets you do things other than flushing. With smart toilets, you can choose your flushing setting and even play music while doing your thing in the bathroom. Smart toilets are common in Japan and other smart homes around the world. 

These highly-advanced toilet fixtures have installed features and sensors that perform different functions. It can even be connected to voice assistants such as Google Home and Alexa.

Smart toilets also vary in price, some of which can cost thousands of dollars. Some of the most common smart toilet features not available in traditional toilets include: 


      • Heated seats and foot warmers 

      • Air dryer 

      • Massaging bidet 

      • Automatic lids and hands-free flushing 

      • Self-cleaning and deodorizer 

      • Nightlights 

      • Bluetooth connection 

    With smart toilets, you won’t stumble in the dark and clean yourself better after doing your business in the toilet. 

    Benefits of a smart toilet 

    Installing a smart toilet should not only be for aesthetics or design. It offers features and benefits that will make your bathroom experience more pleasant and hygienic. Some of the most notable benefits of a smart toilet are the following: 

    “Look, ma, no hands [when flushing].”

    One of the best benefits of using a smart toilet is that you can flush your toilet without touching anything. Smart toilets contain sensors that activate the flushing mechanism once you’re done with using it. You can wave at the sensor so that the bathroom will flush. Flushing without using your hands is also hygienic and prevents the spreading of bacteria and germs within the household. 

    Prevents overflow 

    You won’t have to worry about overflowing when using a smart toilet. Most smart toilets will stop flushing once it senses a clog. It will then ensure that the water levels are low in the bowl. 


    Smart toilets are smaller than traditional toilets. That means you can save a lot of space in your bathroom, and it will be useful if you have an apartment or a smaller home. 

    Better water consumption 

    Using a smart toilet will also drastically improve your water consumption. These toilets let you know how much water is needed and will flush at the right amount. Thanks to its built-in bidet, you won’t also have to waste toilet paper. 

    Smart toilets have these benefits that convince you to install one for your bathroom. However, it also has a handful of cons. For one, smart toilets are more expensive than traditional ones. It also consumes more electricity and requires a learning curve to use it. 

    Repairs can also be costly and are crucial in maintaining a smart toilet. Contact a reliable plumbing expert in Spring Hill, TN, for your toilet repair needs. 
    Smart Toilets


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