Taking Hot Baths: What are the Pros and Cons?

Hot Baths

Everyone needs a refreshing bath at least once a day to clean their bodies. Choosing between a hot bath and a quick shower all boils down to the time you have and your personal preference. But before stepping into the bathroom, make sure that your bathroom pipes, drains, and shower are all working. Otherwise, contact a professional plumber to have your bathroom fixtures and plumbing system repaired as needed. 

While having a hot bath is relaxing, note that it also has pros and cons. Almost every household has a shower stall, but not all have a bathtub. But this doesn’t mean that showers are superior to bathtubs. Nonetheless, here are important things to consider before taking a hot bath. 

Hot baths: Pros and cons 

Studies reveal that a hot bath offers several health benefits. It will also help you feel more relaxed and have a better sleep. Other benefits include the following: 


      • Soothes muscle pain 

      • Eases arthritic pain 

      • Relieve sinus pressure 

      • Aids in better sleep 

    Hot baths are for everyone, including children. However, adult supervision is still advised when children use a hot shower or tub. A hot bath may not also be suitable during the summer. Then again, it depends on your preference. 

    Also, a hot bath may cause skin dryness and is not advisable for sensitive skin and other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Instead, you can opt for a lukewarm bath to prevent your skin issues from worsening. To make your bath more rejuvenating, you can also add extra ingredients to your baths, such as oatmeal blends or Epsom salt.

    Bathtub or shower? 

    Both bathtub and shower can be soothing and refreshing to the senses. However, each of these bath options has its pros and cons. 

    For one, taking showers is for those in a hurry but also want to freshen up. It is also easier to rinse off soap and shampoo from your body, unlike when using the bathtub. If you still prefer to bathe in a bathtub, you can install a handheld wand so you can rinse yourself after soaking into the tub water. 

    Showers also use less water than bathtubs. The latter uses around 36 gallons of water on average. It also doesn’t need a lot of space to install a shower stall. You can also opt for water-saving bathroom fixtures to help water conservation and reduce your water bills.

    On the downside, shower doors have to be cleaned regularly to avoid unpleasant-looking watermarks. Sealing leaks might also be harder to repair. 

    When to use a hot bath 

    It is completely up to you to choose between a bathtub and a hot shower. If you are in a hurry and want to freshen up, you can use the shower. But if you’re going to take time to relax and cleanse your body at the end of the day’s stressful work, feel free to soak into the hot tub. 

    Regardless of your bathing options, ensuring that your bathroom plumbing system and fixtures are working is more important. Contact a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, for your plumbing repair needs.
    Hot Baths


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