5 Types of Showerheads: Which is The Best One For You?

The shower head is a small but important part of the shower. The water pressure and temperature can be changed with a tap. Some people might prefer a shower head with multiple settings, while others might want one that can be aimed in different directions. 

Regardless of your preference, it’s important to keep your shower head clean to maintain an optimal level of water pressure and temperature. The shower is an important part of one’s day. If your shower or any part of your bathroom drain and toilet is broken, make sure to call a professional plumber to fix it. 

Different Types of Shower Heads 

Not everyone pays attention to the shower head they have in their bathroom. But knowing the different types of shower heads will change your entire bathroom experience. Here are the different types of shower heads, and know which one suits you best: 

Ceiling-mounted shower 

As the name suggests, it is the type of showerhead that lowers from the ceiling where water falls vertically. Some homeowners prefer this type of shower head as it offers more freedom of movement, better height, and versatility. It is even considered a luxurious shower configuration. 

On the downside, it may be more expensive to repair a ceiling-mounted shower. 

Wall-mounted shower 

This type of shower is mounted to the bathroom wall and works with all shower heads. Wall-mounted showers are also one of the most popular showerheads used in many households worldwide. 

However, wall-mounted showers are not high enough compared to ceiling-mounted ones. This means it is not suitable for bathrooms with average ceiling height. Since it is installed on the wall, water comes out at an angle, so you might have to find the right position to have a relaxing shower. 

Wall-mounted shower with a Slider Bar 

It is a combination of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted showers. It has a bar affixed to the wall, while the shower head can be adjusted to your preferred shower configuration. Handheld shower heads are commonly paired with this type of shower. 

Handheld showers are versatile. You can mount it on the wall or an adjustable slider bar. You can also take it out for a closer rinse. It is also best if you use the shower for bathing your dogs. There are a lot of looks and features you can choose from!

Waterfall Shower Head 

If you experienced standing under the rain and feeling every drop on your skin, it is the same feeling as a waterfall or rain shower head. It usually has a round or square-shaped head that is bigger and releases more water than other shower head types. If you aim to have a luxurious-looking bathroom, you might want to consider a waterfall showerhead.

Shower Panels

Shower Panels are considered the most luxurious shower head of all. It consists of a large flat panel with several shower heads and built-in sprayers. It’s an expensive showerhead with a futuristic look and feel. If you want a futuristic-looking shower and willing to shell out some extra cash for a whole new level of bathing experience, this one is for you. 

Not sure what kind of showerhead suits your bathroom needs? You can contact a professional plumber in Spring Hill, TN, today!


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