What are Under Sink Water Heaters?

Under Sink

When it comes to water heaters, most people would often associate them with the bathroom heater. But in case you don’t know yet, there is also such a thing as under-sink water heaters. 

Under-the-sink heaters are a convenient and affordable way to provide hot water. They are also great for those with limited space. Like any other kitchen and bathroom fixture, under-sink water heaters should be maintained regularly. Better if done by professional plumber services

What is an Under Sink Water Heater? 

If you have been, or currently living in Japan, you might have already seen an under-sink water heater. It is generally easy to use: simply turn it on, and you now have instant hot water on demand. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time that you get one for your home now!

In the US, on-demand water heaters are usually installed under the sink cabinet and run on electricity. In Japan, water heaters run on natural gas. If you live in the US, you can also choose between traditional and tankless designs. With under-sink water heaters, you won’t have to wait for a long time to use hot water.

What if you already have a central water heater? Will it be worth it to install another heater at home? Well, it depends on the location of your main water heater. If the main water heater is far from the sink, then it might be a good idea to install an under-sink water heater. 

An under-sink water heater provides instant hot water when using water in the sink. It is small which makes it ideal for homes with limited space. The under-sink water heater can also be connected to the main hot or cold water supply. 

There are also different types of under-sink water heaters, which are the following: 


      • Tank/traditional heaters – holds a ready supply of hot water but needs to run on a cycle to maintain their heat 

      • Voltage – comes in 120 and 240-volt models 

      • Hanging heaters – on-demand heaters usually hang from the side 

      • Standing heaters – traditional heaters rest on the bottom of the cabinet 

    Under-Sink Water Heater: Pros and Cons 

    Among the pros and cons, one should consider before buying under-sink water are the following: 



        • Little to no-maintenance 

        • Easy to install and affordable 

        • Lessens water wastage 

        • Easy to use when cooking or cleaning 



          • Higher electric bills 

          • Fluctuating water temperature especially with on-demand heaters 

          • Can take up storage space under your sink 

          • Limited hot water supply 

        Installing an under-sink water heater is generally easy as long as you have basic plumbing skills. There are two major things you will need for the installation: enough space to install the heater, and a nearby power source. Best if you hire a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill TN for your plumbing repair and installation needs. 
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