What is a Bathroom Fan and Why Homeowners in Spring Hill TN Need It

Bathroom Fan

Moisture is the enemy of bathrooms, which can cause mold and mildew that can cause weird smells and even health issues. Humidity rises especially during a bath or shower, which makes a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. Too much moisture can also crack and peel wallpaper and paint and cause distortion on your wallboard and doors. 

This goes to show that excess moisture can cause potential damage in bathrooms and health problems among homeowners. That is why proper ventilation and insulation are important to ensure your bathroom is free from too much moisture. Also, it is best to have bathroom leaks fixed by professional plumbers to prevent further damage due to excessive moisture. 

What does a bathroom exhaust fan do? 

A bathroom exhaust fan is a ventilation device that draws out impure and humid air when ducted to the house exterior. As a result, the exhaust fan can improve indoor air quality. No wonder more and more households have an exhaust fan installed in their bathrooms. 

Aside from getting rid of the excess moisture, it also removes bad odors and other pollutants that can harm health. It will help improve air quality and prevent premature deterioration that can be costly to repair. 

What to look for in a bathroom exhaust fan

A bathroom exhaust fan should be chosen based on overall performance, such as air movement capacity, features, and style. 

Air movement and ventilation capacity

Air movement is measured per cubic feet per minute (CFM). A 70 CFM exhaust fan is recommended for a 7’ x 10’ bathroom. The larger the bathroom, the larger the ventilation capacity you will need. Other bathroom ventilation considerations include the following: 


      • Bathrooms with more than 8’ ceilings should have additional ventilation. 

      • Bathroom doors should have ¾” clearance to the floor to let air enter and ventilate properly. 

      • Bathroom fans approved for wet area installation should be installed close to the tub or shower. 

      • Enclosed toilets should also have their bathroom exhaust fan. 

    Noise level

    It would be best if you also considered the noise level of the bathroom exhaust fans, measured in sones. The ideal bathroom ventilation should have a maximum of 1.0 sones. Sones above 1.0 are typical in other appliances such as the TV (4.0 sones) and office noise (3.0 sones). 

    Features and style 

    Style and features should also be considered in choosing a bathroom exhaust fan. Some additional features include extra lighting and a timer for automatic humidistat operation. Different ventilation styles are also available to complement every bathroom design while performing its ultimate function of removing excess moisture and keeping your bathroom mold and mildew-free. 

    Choosing an HVI-certified exhaust fan is also better to ensure that it meets quality standards and performs as promised. 

    These are factors to consider in choosing a bathroom exhaust fan. Every homeowner should install one to prevent excess moisture and the formation of mold and mildew, as well as to remove foul smells and reduce health issues. 

    Aside from installing a bathroom exhaust fan, you should also check for leaks in your bathroom to prevent moisture and the formation of mold and mildew. Contact a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, to help fix leaks and other pipe and drain issues. 
    Bathroom Fan


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