When Should You Replace Your Toilet? Here are 5 Signs It’s Time

As durable as most toilets are nowadays, it is important to replace your toilet at some point. You don’t need to wait for a professional plumber to decide to replace your toilet. Some homeowners opt to replace their toilets even if it’s still in good working condition with one that has updated features and aesthetic appeal. 

When should you replace a toilet? 

Whether your toilet has irreparable damage or wants to change your toilet’s aesthetics, you can replace your toilet anytime. Still can’t decide? Here are signs that it’s time to replace your toilet bowl: 

It is an old model. 

The first thing to consider when replacing your toilet is its age. It is said that a toilet lasts an average of 50 years if well-maintained and properly used. You can check the toilet’s manufacturing date near the top of the tank or identify the model number and confirm it with the manufacturer. Even if your toilet was manufactured less than half a century ago, you might also have to replace it. You don’t want to risk using a toilet that starts to break down without realizing it. 

It uses too much water. 

Older toilets, especially those made before the ’80s, use more water, which means higher water bills for your household. It uses up to 7 gallons of water per flush. Want to save on water bills? Change your toilet now. Unlike old school toilets, modern toilets are more water-economical – only up to 2 gallons of water a flush, saving you at least 2,500 gallons of water annually. 

It clogs all the time. 

If you are always using the plunger or auger snake, it is a major sign that it’s time to replace your toilet. Older toilet models may not be efficient in flushing waste products, causing clogs. Never flush random objects in the bathroom aside from human waste. But if your toilet still experiences clogs, you might have to replace your old toilet. 

It has visible cracks and damage. 

The toilet is one of the most important fixtures in a bathroom. A damaged and dirty toilet can make your bathroom and your entire home icky and gross. Scratches can make the toilet more difficult to clean. While visible damage may not always keep the toilet from functioning properly, it is still a valid reason to replace your cracked toilet. It is better to repair or replace it before the damage gets bigger and worse. 

It needs major repairs. 

If more repairs are needed than you expected, don’t waste your money. It might not be certain that it gets fixed by a professional plumber in Mt Pleasant, TN. In this case, you might have to replace your toilet bowl. Opt for smart toilets with high-tech features such as automatic flash, LED lights, and self-cleaning technology. 


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