Which is Better, Small or Large Laundry Loads?

Not everyone is fond of laundry. Some people go to laundromats to have their dirty clothes washed and dried clean. Others have their washer and dryer machine at home to deal with dirty clothes and linen. Regardless of where you do your laundry, there is one common goal: finish washing, drying, and folding clothes and linen all at once. 

But sometimes, you might encounter problems that could affect your laundry time. If there’s something wrong with your washer or dryer, it is best to call a professional to have it fixed immediately. Load size may also cause laundry issues, and this article will discuss why it is important and whether small or large laundry loads are better. 

Should you overload your washer? 

Washing machines are one of the best inventions and have helped millions of homeowners with their dirty laundry. This home appliance is meant to last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Users tend to toss their clothes and other washables into the machine as long as it fits inside and let it work its magic. However, this could shorten your washer’s lifespan and damage the washer and your clothes. 

Overloading your machine may not thoroughly clean your clothes because it limits the movement inside, which then helps remove the dirt and grime in your clothes. It won’t also disperse the detergent properly and ensure effective cleaning of your clothes. An overloaded washer means your dryer will be overloaded as well. Some clothes may not dry well, more time and energy wasted, and higher utility bills

Should you underload your washer? 

Just when you think underloading your washer is better, you are wrong. An underloaded washer could put it off balance during the spin cycle, resulting in a thumping sound and damage to the machine. It might not also work properly because there is insufficient weight in the drum. 

Underloading the washer can also waste energy, detergent, and fabric conditioner. The same goes when you use your dryer after washing. It might be better to handwash if you only have a handful of dirty clothes to wash instead. 

How full should you fill a washing machine?

The sweet spot depends on the amount of laundry loaded. For underloads, it is recommended to fill the washer tub ⅓ full. For medium loads, fill half of the washer tub. For large loads, fill the tub ¾ full.

You should also check the owner’s manual for the recommended weight range and achieve maximum washing. As long as your clothes spin well and do not cause excessive shaking and rumbling, you will know your load is enough for the machine. 

Loading your washer properly is important to ensure it works for years and saves money from repairs. Of course, appliances may still have issues that need immediate fixing. Contact a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, for your pipe and drain repair needs. 


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