20+ Important Skills Every Plumber Should Have

Plumbing may not be as easy as using a plunger or commercial cleaners to clear clogs. Some plumbing problems can be serious, and doing it yourself would harm your pipes more than good. It is better to call a professional plumber for more complicated plumbing issues in such cases. 

They are also responsible for installing drainage systems and pipes connected to water fixtures and appliances. Also, not all plumbers are the same. Some focus on residential plumbing, while others focus on commercial piping systems. 

What skills should you have to be a plumber? 

When applying for jobs, you need to have the skills that employers are looking for. You also have to have the right skills to take on different plumbing tasks for those used as a plumber. You also need to decide if you want to focus on residential or commercial plumbing. Here are the most important skills you have to have as a plumber. 

Technical skills 

As a plumber, you need to have an extensive understanding of plumbing systems and how they work. Depending on your state’s requirement, you will need at least two years of experience to become a licensed plumber. Other things you should also be knowledgeable about include: 

  • Applied Geometry and Principles of Hydronics 
  • Mechanical reasoning 
  • Blueprint interpretation 
  • Plumbing repair and installation 
  • Using the right plumbing tools 
  • Performing pressure tests on pipes 
  • Constant learning on plumbing materials and new systems 

Physical strength 

You will often get down and dirty when doing plumbing tasks. It would require physical strength and dexterity to accomplish any plumbing job and satisfy your clients’ plumbing needs. Common plumbing tasks include: 

  • Cleaning sewer lines 
  • Accessing small spaces 
  • Appliance installation 
  • Application of adhesives, caulk, and sealants 
  • Welding 
  • Soldering
  • Using the right tools to assemble components 
  • Dexterity and precision 
  • Installation of pipe systems for steam, water, and gas 

Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills 

Some plumbing problems can be easy, while others can be more complicated. They will have to figure out what is causing the plumbing issue and fix it most of the time. You will also be working alone, so you should have the motivation to solve tasks by yourself. 

Aside from problem-solving skills, you also have to have these skills: 

  • Solving system failures
  • Project cost estimations 
  • Project planning
  • Basic Math
  • Diagnose piping and plumbing issues 

Other essential skills 

Aside from the obvious plumbing skills, a plumber should also have soft skills, business and administrative skills, and regulatory compliance skills. A plumber should have basic computer, business, pricing, and supervisory skills, among a few.

They should also know safety protocols and the local building and plumbing code. More importantly, they should know how to follow directions, provide excellent customer service, and have good collaboration skills.  

These skills should be highlighted on your resume so that potential employers can easily find you. Plumbing may involve simple troubleshooting to more complicated repairs. You should have all the necessary skills, like a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, needed to take on the job. 


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