3 Annoying Reasons of Noisy Water Pipes

Do you hear loud clanking sounds coming from your water pipes? It could cause some panic in your household. It could also be due to several common reasons for noisy water pipes. When this happens, make sure to call a professional plumber immediately to get rid of noisy water pipes.  

Why is my water pipe noisy?

As mentioned, there could be several reasons why you hear clanking sounds from your water pipes. These are the common reasons why your water pipes make noise. 

There is hot water running. 

One reason why your pipes become noisy is when hot water is running. It usually happens when there’s a knocking/clicking sound after turning on the hot water tap. In some cases, the clanking sound doesn’t stop even you have already turned off the hot water tap. 

It happens due to poorly-made CPVC water lines. If the CPVC line is routed through a tight area or hole, you’ll likely hear a clanking/rubbing sound whenever you turn on the hot water. This is because CVPC pipes tend to expand when it comes into contact with hot water. 

If the CPVC pipes are causing the clanking sound, you should give your pipes some space to let them expand so they won’t produce any annoying sound later on. Better yet, leave the task to a professional plumber. 

There is sound after shutting down the hot or cold water supply. 

If you notice a knocking sound after flushing the toilet, finishing filling up clothes washer, or turning off the sprinkler, it is most likely due to the so-called “water hammer.” It doesn’t mean any loud clanking or banging sound in your pipes. 

Rather, it is a phenomenon when the water valve suddenly shuts off. Meanwhile, the running water crashes into the valve, shakes the pipes, and creates cranking noise. A water hammer could be too violent; it could cause leaks or loosen up the pipe joints. 

How to fix a water hammer depends on how old your home is. For example, houses built before the 60s often have air chambers. These air chambers act as shock absorbers which may be displaced by water over the years. You can reduce water hammers by draining and refilling the pipes with water. 

Meanwhile, houses built in the 60s onwards should already have water hammer arrestors by then. If you notice a water hammer, your home might not have installed arrestors yet. 

High water pressure 

In simpler terms, the clanking sound may occur if water flow is too fast and causes the pipe to bounce, shake, and rattle against the other tubes and walls. In this case, you can check your home’s water pressure using a water pressure test gauge. Normal water pressure should be between 40-80 PSI. 

It may also be because of a sediment buildup in your water heater that is causing the loud knocking sound. Whatever is causing the loud banging sound in your pipes, make sure to have them fixed immediately. Contact a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, for your drain and pipe issues. 


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