3 Common Reasons of a Leaking Toilet Base

Any signs of leaks in your bathroom, kitchen, and other pipe and drain system at home is not good. It’s the same when you notice water around the base of your toilet. Yes, it’s also not a good sign. It will make your bathroom wet all the time but cause the formation of mold and mildew and water wastage. Don’t let your bathroom become an indoor pool, and fix that leak ASAP!

Common Problems That May Be Causing YOUR Leaking Toilet

Have you ever asked yourself, “why is my toilet leaking from the base?” We all know that a leaky toilet base, or any water leaks at home, is not a normal occurrence. Several reasons could be causing your leaking toilet. Ensure to inspect your bathroom to stop leaks from toilets and pipes and have it fixed immediately. 

Loose tee bolts 

Those plastic caps, called tee bolts, around the toilet base helps hold your toilet in place. If these are broken or loose, the seal can break and lead to unwanted leaks. If you find that loose or broken tee bolts cause the leaks, you can reposition the toilet to make it aligned in place. Then, tighten the bolts to seal them bolts and stop the leaking. But if this step doesn’t solve the leaking problem, you might have to buy a replacement set for the broken tee bolts. 

Damaged wax ring 

Another possible culprit for a leaky toilet base is because of a damaged wax ring. If there’s still leaking at the toilet base, no matter how you tighten the tee bolts, it could be because of a faulty wax ring that needs replacement ASAP. It would help if you bought a new wax ring (with the help of a pro to help you find a suitable replacement). 

Make sure to prep the toilet first by shutting off the water valve and flushing the toilet to remove sitting water as much as you can. Unscrew the water supply line from the bathroom and remove the tee bolts so you can lift the toilet and remove the old wax ring. Remove the old wax residue before putting the new wax ring. You can hire a professional plumber to help you with this task. 

Condensation on floor 

The toilet contains water, so many assume that the leaks come from its exteriors. However, it could have the opposite. Condensation could occur on the toilet’s outer surface due to nonstop running toilet or temperature difference between the water in the toilet tank and the bathroom. You can reduce bathroom moisture by using an exhaust fan.

Fix A Leaky Toilet Fast At Home!

If you see drips and leaks, make sure to fix your leaking toilet and not delay it further. Fixing a leaky toilet can be a chore but is a must. It will prevent mold formation, wasted water, and high water bills. For your toilet repair needs, better to call a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, today.


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