3 Signs That Your Thermostat is Broken and How to Fix It

One of the most annoying things a homeowner could experience is a broken thermostat. Imagine you have to endure a hot day and all you want is to relax in your home with your AC on… only to discover it’s not working! In this case, it would be best to hire a professional plumber near you to fix your thermostat. But first, you need to know the common signs of a broken thermostat and how to deal with it. 

Signs of a broken thermostat

If you are looking for ways to fix your broken thermostat, you have come to the right place. Thermostats usually don’t have a specific lifespan, but it also usually lasts for at least 10 years. Beyond that, you could experience malfunctioning because of dirt accumulation or age. Here are other tell-tale signs of a broken thermostat: 

It has no power. 

If your AC does not turn on no matter how many buttons you press, or the temperature does not change even after adjusting it, it’s likely due to a broken thermostat or needing some battery change. It could be also because of a wiring defect in your thermostat which affects the temperature system. 

It does not match the room temperature. 

A malfunctioning thermostat would feel hotter or colder than the display temperature. If it cannot accurately display the right temperature, it’s time to have your broken thermostat fixed the soonest. 

It causes short cycling. 

Short cycling happens when your AC turns off before reaching a full heating or cooling cycle. An AC experiencing short cycling means it won’t reach your desired temperature. It also means wasting electricity since it doesn’t reach the temperature you want and can also cause damage to its components. 

How to fix a broken thermostat

If your AC shows these signs, it’s time you do troubleshooting or call a professional if needed. In the meantime, here are ways you can fix your thermostat: 

  • Check if your thermostat has the right setting. 
  • You can turn the thermostat 5 degrees higher or lower than usual depending on the season. On hot days, you can set the temperature 5 degrees lower, and 5 degrees lower if it’s winter season. 
  • You might also have to replace the batteries if you have electronic thermostats. Ideally, you should replace the batteries once a year. 
  • For mechanical thermostats, you might have clean it of any accumulated dust inside using a clean cloth or small brush. 
  • You can also try to remove the thermostat cover and check the wires and wire connections. 
  • If all of these quick fixes still do not work, it’s time to leave matters to professional hands. Contact a trusted plumbing service in Spring Hill TN today and get your thermostat fixed ASAP!


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