3 Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home Plumbing

Pet-Proof Home Plumbing

Pets are a part of our families, and we love them. When it comes to their safety, we need to ensure that they are not a threat to our health. 

As a pet owner, you need to pay attention to the type of food they eat. If they have access to human food, you should avoid feeding them anything that is not meant for them.

Second, you should make sure that the water bowl is cleaned regularly because it can get dirty easily and lead to bacterial growth, which will affect the quality of water they drink. 

Thirdly, if your pet has access outside, then make sure that there are no obstacles in their way like plants or other furniture because these things can cause accidents and injuries.

However, how can you keep your plumbing safe with pets at home? That’s another story but should be considered as well. No matter how much we love our pets, they could be unruly at times and cause a mess in your home. The last thing you want to happen is your dog chewing through your water as its idea of fun. 

How to pet-proof your home plumbing system 

This article is about how to pet-proof your plumbing. It will help you prevent a lot of problems. It can save you money and time in the long run and keep your home looking nicer. More importantly, keep your pets and household safe from any potential plumbing fiasco. 

Don’t flush pet litter.

Pet poop is something you should never flush down the toilet. Even if you think it’s flushable, the extra solids in them could be detrimental to your plumbing system. In particular, the septic system may not be able to flush down cat litter properly. Instead of flushing, you can scoop them, double bag them, and throw them in the trash bin.

Don’t let pet fur flush down the drain. 

If you have furry pets, be careful not to flush them as they can clog your drain. Use a drain strainer, and throw away the fur once it’s full. Better yet, you can bathe your pet outside using a garden hose. 

Secure your pipes and drains. 

This is a no-brainer, especially if you have smaller pets at home. If you have hamsters, guinea pigs, kittens, and other small pets, they could get trapped in drains and have problems retrieving them. Animals are naturally-curious creatures, so seeing an exposed pipe can be tempting to them and cause damage to their teeth and the pipelines. 

Plumbing experts in Mt. Pleasant, TN, suggest wrapping your pipes using plywood or chicken wire if the pipelines are outside. If it’s inside the house, you can cover them by placing a piece of furniture in front of them. 

Pets are considered a part of the family. That is why it is only best to take care of their needs. However, we should also protect our homes to prevent unwanted accidents. The abovementioned tips will keep your plumbing system pet-proof and safe for everyone at home.

Key Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Home Plumbing

It’s important to think about the safety of smaller pets when pet-proofing your home plumbing. Animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, kittens, and other tiny creatures can be at risk if they are allowed to roam around drains and exposed pipes unsupervised. Because they are naturally curious, they may end up getting trapped or causing damage by exploring these areas.

The major issue is the possibility of pets becoming trapped in drains, especially small animals that can fit through small openings. This can cause distress and harm to the pet, and the process of rescuing them from these narrow spaces can be difficult and stressful for both the owner and the pet.

In addition, animals might be inclined to gnaw on pipes that are left uncovered, resulting in harm to both the creatures’ teeth and the plumbing system. The jagged edges of the injured pipes may also harm their mouths, increasing the risk of injury or other medical problems.

To avoid such situations, it is important to take preventive actions. This includes placing strong grates or screens over drains that can handle the weight of your pet. Also, think about enclosing open pipes or using protective covers to prevent animals from getting to them.

To ensure the safety of your pets and prevent expensive plumbing repairs, follow these easy precautions to create a safer environment for them.


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